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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand Cream Fragrance Free Review

December's cold weather is catching up and my hands are becoming dry once again, good thing I can reach out to my tried and tested Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream. The thick balmy texture provides relief for my dry skin and it never fails. This has the perfect formula, it looks like petroleum jelly, it goes on rich and thick but it's never sticky.

I got this in Sasa Hong Kong, there are different variants but I personally like the fragrance free more. I have good news for you if you can't travel to Hong Kong, you can buy it here in Manila, I saw a stack of Neutrogena Norwegian Formula hand cream at Mandarin Supermarket in Ongpin, Chinatown for approximately Php300++. 

Early this year I traveled to Beijing, China. I bought this along with me, I was not expecting a harsh cold weather but as the saying goes, expect the unexpected. My family had windburn except for me, I guess I have to give credit to this hand cream, I applied this all over my arms and legs. My family did the same and it relieved them of their itchy windburn. My father even borrowed my Neutrogena Norwegian Formula lip balm lol. Such a skin saver.

Other variants such as the fast absorbing ones have flip tops which is really convenient. However, the fragrance free variant has the screw cap tube, I just wish they'd change it to the flip top ones but it's a flaw that's easy to overlook.