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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

VS Wet & Dry Ceramic Straightener

I went to Mall of Asia the night before my Bohol trip and I went to look for BaByliss when a sales attendant pointed me to check out VS since they're having a sale and so I got this instead. Original price is around Php3179.75 but I paid around Php2861.75. This is available in Watson's inside the department store. 

This is a wet and dry straightener, you can use this even if your hair is wet but I'm a chicken to do so. My hair is really fine so heat will really fry my hair. 

I got this because the sales attendant taught me how to curl my hair with a straightener. I thought it doesn't work but it really does work! Cool technique eh? It does work on my hair but sadly the curl doesn't last long coz my hair is naturally straight so I'm sticking with a real curling iron and get BaByliss. 

I'm still deliberating if I will sell this baby or not since I've grown to like this though it's not in my plan to get a straightening iron. =D 

Check the steam release vents. When you use this on your wet hair you'll hear some fizzle and sizzle sounds which the manual states it's normal but then again it's up to your discretion if you want to use a hot tool on your wet hair. 

The built is impressive, the swivel cord is sturdy and the electrical line is really thick!

These are the switches. On your left most is the temperature wheel where you can see the 25 heat settings. Other hot tools will give you the temperature but VS has their own heat setting indications ranging from 1 to 25 depending on your hair type and the result you want to achieve. 

Push the left button to turn the straightener on and wait for it to heat up. It takes a few seconds to heat up, let's say approximately 10 seconds which is quite impressive for me. 

If you're in a hurry push the turbo button on to speed up the heat up process but for me I'm quite happy with the 10 second heat up. 

This comes with this type of plug(the Hong Kong plug) but don't worry they'll provide you with an adaptor =) 

Here's a snippet of the manual

Here's the temperature setting table for your reference. 


  1. Hello, I recently bumped into your blog because of google (searching for biotin). :)

    Anyway, hair irons like these are really ok to use with wet hair. they're designed as ease and will not much fry your hair. But its also advisable to use heat protectant products before ironing your hair or if your hair is still damp before ironing, use the protectant after doing so. Regarding curling, for you to attain long lasting curls, you have to use mousse or hair hold spray (not the typical spray net though, just google some and you'll get what im saying). ;)

  2. I found a heat protectant that has very good reviews --- V05 Extreme Style heat defense Conditioning spray. It costs around 200 pesos. You can find it in leading dept. stores even watsons. :)

  3. Thanks for the tips! ;) I'm using L'oreal hot curl spray before curling and I use L'oreal Elnett after... My hair is just stick straight so I need some extra effort to curl my hair :))