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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Babyliss ipro200 Curling Iron

Just want to say I haven't blogged for a looong time! I'm quite surprised how the Blogger's interface changed. I stumbled upon a blog about this hair styling tool I drafted last  year *shame* but hey, it's never too late to publish it.

Finally! I managed to get this Babyliss ipro200 curling iron. I was at Trinoma Landmark's department store when I spotted this. I asked the sales attendant to open a box for me and test it before I head to the cashier counter. The sales attendant said she doesn't know how to operate it since she's just filling in for the Babyliss sales attendant because she's on an hour break. 

You know what? Good things come to those who wait. I told the sales attendant it's okay I'll just come back when the real sales attendant is back from her break. My friends and I went to Western appliances center near the National Bookstore and I saw this last unit and it's on sale! Instead of the regular Php2795, I paid Php2400.

There's not much features but LCD screen, nano titanium ceramic heating rod and instant heat up. I am very much impressed with the instant heat up system. 

Here's how it looks. It looks a lot like my previous Watson's curling iron so I can easily maneuver the curler.

The swivel cord is sturdy and the electrical cord is thick.

LCD screen is great for those who want to see how much heat they are using. The number is blinking so I can't seem to get a good snap out of it. You can adjust the heat settings by tens. For example, from 140 degrees, you can move up to 150 or move down to 130.

The clamp is sturdy, good enough to hold your hair, gentle enough not to snag your hair strands.

It also has a built in stand for support. I keep it this way as I am using this. It's not bothersome while I'm curling my hair and it's handy when you want to put it down when you need to use your both hands styling your hair. 

I managed to capture my hair approximately 6 hours after curling it. My hair is stick straight and stubborn lol. I am having a difficult time keeping the curls intact and I think Babyliss ipro200 curling iron does a great job in that area. 

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