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Monday, July 18, 2011

Lemming for BaByliss ipro200 2361CE

I'm currently drooling over this BaByliss curling iron. I checked it out last Sunday at Trinoma's Landmark and it's around Php2700+ which is a fairly reasonable price among the more expensive curlers in the department store. 

Quick instant heat up - plus point for me!
Titanium ceramic - gentler for my hair!
LED or LCD display screen of the exact temperature - great!

Yup, that's it and I'm sold! I'm definitely getting this soon... 
I'm pretty much easy to please now, mellowing and more content with material things, I guess? 


  1. Wow~ impressive! hahah what are you waiting for? just go buy it! heheh :)

  2. I'm grabbing this on Saturday!!! <3 We'll see how it goes ;)