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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Weekend Forever 21 Shopping

Saturday was a pretty exhausting day if you planned to go shopping in Forever 21 in Megamall, eh?
It's the first Forever21 store here in the Philippines so I expected a big crowd but I didn't expect it to be that much! Due to the big crowd, our shopping bag was misplaced when the SA asked us to leave our shopping bag at the front, nice service? I dont think so, we got the wrong bag with the same silver coloredfootwear I chose, only it was 2 sizes bigger, the design was not what I chose and it more expensive- around Php400 more! The bad part was that I just noticed it after swiping my card so they can't give me back my money, instead they asked me to exchange it and get another stuff so I could use up my money, unfortunately I can't find anything around the same price range as the one debited from my account ='( I lost around Php50+ 

One suggestion for Forever21 Philippines? It's great to see that their SAs are giving extra service like placing our shopping bags at the entrance of the fitting room so we won't be tired carrying it to the fitting room but kindly give us some numbers to make sure we really get our own shopping bag back. The make shift baggage counter was filled with the same black shopping bag so there would be human error especially if there's a big crowd ambushing the store- I can't blame the tired SAs who are working hard, all shopping bags are black and most sandals comes with the exact same color with just a few difference in design so they would really get dizzy with the hiatus but I think the bad part is that they're making errors at the expense of the customers. The worse part? They don't issue vouchers so I could claim my Php50+ next time I go shopping at Forever 21 again.

I'm not really mad, I don't like getting mad because of money, getting mad because of a material possession might do me more harm than good but I hope they'll improve their service. It's forgivable now because the crowd is really uncontrollable but hopefully they'll try to attach some name or number to the shopping bag to avoid these incidents. 

Anyway, let's forget the bad experience, despite the service I still like what I bought ^.^
Despite the cheap prices, I still decided to choose quality over quantity so I just got 2 stuffs (plus one for my mother)

When I saw the black and pink top modeled by a mannequin at the Twelve by Twelve section
I felt like this is the one but when I checked the hefty price tag of Php1850, I dropped it like I accidentally touched a hot iron and I wandered around the store checking out other things to buy.
The funny part was that I can't find anything that would fit me, I'm a size S but I can't find my size anymore among the things I want except for this one so I thought it's really meant to be. 

I love all the sweet intricate lace designs so much, this is the first time I felt that I really really want a piece of clothing material. 

It's chic to see that it's a zip up top, I thought I'd have a hard time zipping it up at the back because the zipper is heavy duty but it was surprisingly smooth to zip up.

I love the lace pattern and old pink satin cloth peeking through

Overloaded with lace fabrics and paired with satin cuffed sleeves is pure love! 

More lace trimmings, if this is a piece of chocolate, this would be overly sweet and irresistible piece of chocolate I've ever tasted!

I also have to say that despite the price which is pretty pricey since almost nothing is over Php2000 in Forever21, I'd still choose this over cheaper ranges because of the quality, the cloth feels thicker and softer, the lace isn't rough and it feels gentle on the skin, the zipper is very heavy and sturdy and yet it zips up and down without getting stuck and the design is very elegant and flexible- I could wear this over and over again on different occasions. 

Another buy is my infamous pair of sandals (that caused all the mishap haha)
This costs Php605 

The sole is pretty soft- I wanted to get one from the Php400 price range but the sole was really hard I might have a pain walking.

I got this because of the clasp lock design, it's a lot convenient to strap it up =p 

Don't be afraid because of my bad experience, just go and enjoy yourself, it ought to happen anywhere at any store so just be watchful of your belongings- don't let it stop you from getting good fashion pieces at a fraction of a price but just be really careful what's inside your shopping bag because SAs are people too, they get tired and they can commit errors like all of us. 


  1. hey li'l cousin,
    you should've told them to get the manager to fix up the issue instead of shelling out more money on stuffs you were not even planning to buy.
    they caused the problem, they fix it. they can do it. they just told you those excuses to cover up their own mistake!!!
    for sure, they can credit it back to your credit card or they can cancel/void the transaction even after you swipe it and re-swipe it over a correct transaction!
    here in the usa, the usual practice is that they credit it back to your card. in the phils, they cancel or void the transaction, then do the transaction again.
    next time it happens again, stand up for your right!
    anyway, NICE HAUL!

  2. the thing is, it's not a credit card, it's my atm card... I was too tired that day, i'd rather take some rest than brawl with the management for a few bucks... I don't know, that's how I see things, of course if it was a big lump of money that's another story... Hay I don't wanna even think about it now it's just making me more tired =(

  3. Wow, that is not a good thing if they misplaced your bag :( That means another person got your shoe 2 sizes smaller :p But what can you expect on a grand opening right? :) The F21 stores in the US are always packed on the weekends. But you did find some nice things :D

  4. The dress is quite well structured, with the lace cute. I have ordered from forever21 a couple of years ago, but shipping was quite high. However, you post kind of makes me want to browse their site again...

  5. @Rainy Days and Lattes yeah that's not a good thing =( But that happens but that's pretty much okay, as my father says, let karma take it's cycle and I'm just trying to stay happy and focus on the good thing- good clothes! ^.^

  6. @shirley aw ='( yeah poor me... But that's okay, spill a few bucks and earn a life lesson...

  7. @birkinbagbeauty it's super cute! ^.^ When I open my closet I always look at it haha, do you have forever 21 near your place or shopping online is a more convenient option for you?