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Friday, July 16, 2010

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

It's a good Friday night here in Manila and I really need to unwind, when stress gets in the way I always reach out to Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque

For some reason, the minty toothpaste scent and tingling sensation calms me down even for just a bit before I get my slumber.

This costs Php329.00 at Healthy Options which is pretty cheap for a mask considering disposable masks costs Php50 a piece when this would last you a long time.

The texture is quite soft and watery, I can easily spread this on my face and it's not sticky at all.
My skin can breathe easily and I don't have allergies with this one, yey! ^.^
On my skin, the mint julep masque does dry up my small zits faster, but actually I don't have a lot of zits now coz I've been using a lot of anti-acne products ^.^

I feel that I would quickly grab this when I get a big zit because the cool tingling sensation eases the pain. The mint julep masque dries to a hard finish but it can be easily rinsed away with water; after patting my face dry, the green mask never fails to make my skin ultra-soft like a new born baby's skin- but of course the effect is only temporary but hey! It's always nice to touch your skin feeling so soft and smooth.

This is the classic 'green mask face' I used to imagine when I was a kid haha! 
On the contrary, this is a lot nicer and lighter on the skin ^.^ 


  1. My sister and I love this mask too! =) I'm just happy that this one is easier to wash off than the Himalaya Herbals mask Dawn reviewed - Trace

  2. Am I the only one who has never actually tried this mask? I'm so behind. You still look cute even with the green mask on. :P

  3. @Peachy Pink Sisters thanks for sending me a link to your review! ^.^ I also love love love this mask!

    @Pammy haha! You should try it! It's okay I'm also way behind other things =p thanks! My dog can't recognize me and he kept on barking at me when I had this on one night ^.^

  4. Hey, you need some eyeshadows to complete the AVATAR LOOK coz your green mask looks like those AVATAR faces... LOL~~

  5. haha! Diba blue face ang avatar? =p eto fake Avatar kaya green =p

  6. hi! I wanna the mint julep mask well. which branch of healthy options did u get it from?

    btw, I am new follower..


  7. i got it at rockwell dear =)

  8. I just got this today and tried it when I got home. I have combination normal/oily skin. I instantly loved this mask! No stinging or burning sensation on my first try as to what others felt when they tried it. my skin feels soft, smooth and my pores are less visible unlike before. Hope to do a review on this soon!
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