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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Charles and Keith Sale

Last weekend I acquired another pair of sandals when I stumbled upon Charles and Keith with a big 'SALE' posted on their window

I was lured inside and I immediately fell in love with this pair of gold sandals with ruby red crystals. 
From Php1799 it went to Php999, at first I thought they won't have my size anymore- that's the problem with sale, they usually come in broken sizes already but I was lucky to have my size 38- the last pair available! ^.^

Charles and Keith is available at almost every mall there is- SM, Robinson's, Rockwell etc. Hopefully they're still on sale so you could also check it out! 


  1. Lucky! you got them so cheap! :D

  2. I think they're still on sale, grab one now! ^.^

  3. very cute sandals!! perfect for summer!!