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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend Haul

Here's my small haul over the weekend to de-stress and enjoy life! ^.^

MAC Select Moisture Cover Concealer in NW20 for Php950- love the coverage compared to Shu Uemura concealers! I thought MAC concealers aren't that good but I'm glad I gave it a try before judging it too early.

Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque- at last! The ever elusive green facial mask has been re-stocked
I bought this at Healthy Options for Php329.00, boy oh boy I love how it makes my skin supple and my acne dries up faster! 

A dainty floral dress from Zara
I spotted this from Rockwell but I refrained from buying it because the stocks are a bit worn out
Then I saw this again at the Mall of Asia, they carry relatively a larger volume of the dress and most are not 'abused' yet so I quickly grabbed one! ^.^

You can find cute floral summer dresses at TRF or Trafaluc for Php2,490
I was also eyeing Kamiseta's Liberty of London dresses but I found it exorbitantly priced at Php2,990 so I opted to get Zara.

Mall of Asia was having a bit of a sale, Mango and other giant clothing brands were having their sale but Zara didn't participate, that's okay, I don't want to wait for the sale, if I wait for a couple of months the dress might have been out of stock.

The last leg of this shopping is a purple bandeau from Calliope
Calliope is on sale so I went in their store not knowing what to get, I was just planning to window shop but I thought I found a good bargain, this is originally priced at Php299 but I got it for Php199. Bandeaus from Kamiseta and Karimadon costs almost the same price too! 


  1. HI Chelle - Love that masque, too! :)

    BTW, OT. Hope you can post another Jill Stuart FOTD :) I've never tried anything from the brand, I'm so partial to mainstream cosmetics. But I always stalk your posts because JS looks so lovely!

    - Trace

  2. Zara will be on sale tomorrow! :)

  3. @Peachy pink sisters hopefully I'll be able to buy another JS product! ^.^ I'll definitely post another FOTD when I get my paws on a few JS stuff again...

    @Sugar sugar thanks! ^.^ I really enjoyed my weekend

  4. @mia.e aah! yeah I read the papers today and there's a big 'SALE' word next to zara, im getting excited! I drooling over another dress so I might go back and get it

    @Shirley thanks!!! =D

  5. Hey there! just came across your blog today. Great post tho. Im from the phil. too , but i moved here in Canada about 5 years ago.So its really interesting to be updated with the products there. Hope you could follow me back too. im a new follower

  6. hi Kim! =) I also have some friends who migrated to Canada for the past few years, hope you guys are doing well over there! ^.^ I'll definitely follow you