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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Forever 21 in Manila!

This is another clothing brand I've been wanting to come to the Philippine shores 

Let's see some juicy info according to Forever 21's Facebook profile:
2700 square meters (the huge store where Cinderella used to be)
60 sales associates
34 fitting rooms

I have not seen a lot of fitting rooms before
Probably in Hong Kong at one of my favorite clothing brand but not here in the Philippines so this is refreshing.

Check out Forever 21's Facebook page 

This is the better part, if you work in Ortigas, jump for joy! 
On July 2 Friday, it's Ortigas day and that means it's a non-working holiday for lucky Ortigas people
It's also Forever 21's opening day! 
Be the first 250 to line up before the store opens and get Php200 voucher (no purchase needed)

Now I'm wishing I'm working in Ortigas too!
I'm scouring for nice dresses ^.^

Oh yeah, did I mention there's a rumor everything is under Php2000?
I'm jumping for joy! ^.^ 

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  1. sayang! i live in ortigas but i don't work here :(