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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Face Shop Fruity Jelly Tube PK103

One of my long time friend gave me The Face Shop Fruits Jelly Tube as a Christmas gift because she knew how much of a beauty junkie I am! Haha! 

Now, I'd like to share with you guys what I think of this lip gloss.
I love the high shine and sticky formula, it goes on sheer which is good if you want to use this to top off your favorite lipstick or if you just want to add a little bit of glow to your make-up. 

The lip gloss smells fruity but not overpowering, it scent's formula is just right. <3 
However, I don't use this often because it breaks me out near my lip area especially during hot summer days but this is great during cooler days when you need extra hydration. 
Nevertheless, this is for keeps since a good friend gave it to me! ^.^ 


  1. Neat! It must be moisturizing then. So sad it breaks you out. :(

  2. i still do not have any lip products from faceshop. maybe ill try to visit them to see if they have cool colors =)

    thanks for the review.

  3. @Pammy huhu yeah =( But I still use it sparingly so it wouldn't go to waste <3

    @Jing no prob! ^.^ They have a huge range of lipgloss I think but if you want stronger colors I suggest you're better off to buy darker shades since the tint is really light ^.^