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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting Ready for the Rain with Pluey's Ooh La Lace Wellies

Drought is finally ending and we're already getting a taste of what's to come in the Philippines- rain!
It has always been like this especially in tropical countries, it's too hot with minimal rain on the first half of the year and it's pouring rain for the second half of the year.

Last year's Ondoy was a nightmare that still haunts me, I always twitch in pang whenever I hear loud thunder, strong winds and rain; I always remember the distracting images aired on the news and shared on the internet.

Now that I'm working, there wouldn't be anymore forgiving 'No Classes for Today' announcement, it's rain or shine you should report to work. My workplace is at risk when it comes to rain and flood so I have decided to gear up before it's too late. 

That's why I have decided to order these fabulous boots from Pluey's
A sturdy and heavy duty pair costs Php2399 inclusive of shipping fee.

I have checked out a famous shoe store today and I saw they almost have the same mold and form, it's a lot cheaper but it's a lot lighter too which means the rubber isn't as dense and solid as Pluey's. 

One of my main concerns when it comes to wellies is that it often looks baggy and it is normal to wear 'em baggy, but not to fret when you don't dig the baggy boots look, try to get your actual size instead of going a size up as recommended and it will still be a comfortable fit ^.^

As for my size, I got a size 38 which is my normal size and it fits well even with socks, I love the side view look because it doesn't look so loose, it just has the right amount of space if I want to wear pants and for my legs to breathe. Oh yeah, did I mention Pluey's are cloth-lined already? If you're an office girl like I am you could just slip on your small pumps or flats socks and it will feel comfortable inside so when you get to the office you could slide the boots off and fit in your shoes easily without bringing another pair of socks. 

Here's the front view
Pluey's boots does not look so rubbery actually, the lacey print makes this pair of rain boots a fashionable one and the fit cut makes it look like a casual pair of boots!


  1. Very fashionable and it'll keep you dry :) That is the best part :D

  2. Amen to that! =) It helps keep rat urine and other germs lurking on dirty flood water away from my feet

  3. cute wellies! i like the lace print :)

    i got the LoL x Kamiseta dress at Shangri la :) go get! :)

  4. thanks for the tips!!! ^.^ I better check it out when I go to Shangrila soon!

  5. hi chelle! i also have this in the tokyo rain. i am so excited to use mine as well! :)

  6. @Martha whoopee! Now we don't have to frown when it rains

    @Jing it is cute ^.^ love it! I think I'm gonna pack it up for tomorrow, I checked the weather report and it announced there's gonna be some downpour...

  7. Oh my! Those Wellies are so cute!! I want a pair of those! Are they comfortable? x

  8. Yup yup they're soft and comfortable! ^.^ It's just a bit heavy haha

  9. I myself have the Argyle Crush from Pluey's but after I got my navy Hunter Tall Original boots, the Plueys went to my son. He loves them! (He was quick to outgrow them, though. Now I have to buy him a new pair.)

  10. Love love love Plueys!!! <3 Saved me yesterday when I don't bring a car to work...