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Saturday, May 15, 2010

MAC Pret a Papier Fold and Tuck Lip Glass Review and Swatch

At long last! MAC Pret a Papier was finally launched this afternoon! 
But I have a hunch Pret a Papier arrived around April. Last April, when the MAC SA informed me Pret a Papier would be launched on May and she said it's a pretty collection, I sensed in her voice that she already saw the collection but they're just waiting for the go signal to release it.

Here's how MAC Fold and Tuck lip glass looks on the doe foot sponge tip
This is priced at Php950 which is pretty much the same price with MAC lipsticks.

Here's a swatch of MAC Fold and Tuck lip glass

It's THE perfect coral lip gloss for me! I love the color, it has the right blend of pink and orange which creates a beautiful color that compliments my skin tone.

Like other MAC lip products, I got light headed with the vanilla scent but the color is just too pretty to past up. Although a lot are satisfied with MAC's glue-y sticky consistency, I still find Shiseido PN Primalise Gloss more sticky and much more longer lasting than MAC Lip Glass but it's always fun to retouch lip gloss <3

I really wanted to buy a back up because this is a limited edition but I'm holding on to my dear money haha! I'm just thinking I barely finish a tube of lip gloss up because I usually grow out of it after a while. Right?
Do you know a dupe for this one?  

I didn't purchase MAC's paint pot in Coral Crepe =( First, I bought Martha's Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in Dragon and second, Coral Crepe didn't look as pretty on blog reviews =( When I swatched Coral Crepe on the MAC counter in Rockwell I thought it was too dark on my skin tone, the hue looks a bit muddy on me and I felt that Paint Pot formulas are a bit on the dry side but if a pretty Paint Pot color comes up I just might go ahead and purchase one to try it ^.^ 

P. S. I really like Raymond from MAC Rockwell! <3 She remembers me! (I have decided address gays as 'she' as a sign of respect to their gender preference) Well, she remembers my boyfriend because he's a bit colorblind haha! Too bad the last time I went to purchase MAC Blot Powder Raymond wasn't around because Wednesdays is her day-off but I'm pretty sure I'll be visiting MAC Rockwell mostly on Saturdays ^.^  


  1. very nice shade.. :D it looks very pigmented too

  2. yup it's a pretty pigmented lipgloss from MAC! ^.^ It's beautiful on it's own...

  3. It looks really pretty! Me likey! :P

  4. go buy one now Pammy! It's a pretty pretty shade! ^.^ Aah! I'm still thinking if I'm gonna buy a back up or not haha

  5. That is a very nice shade on you! Hmm, a dupe... I'm sure I'll find one! :D Lip glosses don't seem very hard to duplicate so if I do find one, I'll be sure to remind you :D

  6. wow! pretty! i got dressmaker, dressmaker. pretty coral lippie. :)

    sis, sorry, business- minded talaga ako hehehe.

    I saw in your bait list that you have a Benefit Coralista.

    Is that a lemming? Or you got it na?

    In case interested ka, I'm selling mine. May bobbi brown calypso coral and mac instant chic pa ako.

    If you're passing up, okay lang. :) Just wanna let you know. Thanks! :)

  7. @Rainy Days and Lattes thanks for helping! ^.^ Another coral lipgloss I love was from the Korean brand VOV but it's discontinued I think...

  8. @Martha Oh yeah dressmaker dressmaker is a pretty coral lippie too! <3 Haha! Nope I haven't got it yet pero matagal ko pa plan bumili ng another blush coz I've got a new Jill Stuart blush di ko pa nagagamit haha! I'll let you know if I'm planning to buy Coralista ^.^ thanks! <3

  9. hey cuz, you should be called "CORALista baby" with all the coral shades you are hoarding... @-@

  10. haha! I love love love coral! i never seem to outgrow from coral shades- blush, lipstick, lipgloss...I just stay away from coral eyeshadow coz it makes my eyes look swollen haha!