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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder Foundation N in 202 Ivory

At last I am blogging tonight! ^.^ 
Oh I really miss blogging! I'm still on my adjusting period; I'm still trying to adjust my body to the working condition, it's not that stressful but the traveling and commuting is because of the bottleneck traffic and rush hour in the Philippines' business district.

Tonight's blog would be the much anticipated review on the Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder Foundation N in 202 Ivory. When I was doing my 'research' on this foundation, I couldn't really find much info and actual photos except for two helpful blogs, I decided to post a lot of photos and comparison so I hope this could help Jill Stuart fanatics and makeup lovers out there who are also doing their 'research' before buying/investing on a makeup =p

Once again, Jill Stuart doesn't fail when it comes to details. I really love paying attention to details and that's why I love brands that do. When you open the box, a small dainty floral accent will greet you <3

This is how the case looks like
This costs NT$450 

What makes this compact different from the previous compacts is the hygienic separator from the sponge to the actual powder.

Here's the refill
It's interesting to take note that the plastic case is very very sturdy! If you don't have the budget to buy the case, you can opt to buy this first and buy the case later since I believe the clear temporary plastic case is sturdy enough.
This retails at NT$1050 which is pricey but I got this on a promo so it's definitely a good bargain for me!

I was surprised to see a clear plastic film with Jill Stuart print laced on top included below the plastic case!
Once again- Jill Stuart pays attention to details
You can use the clear plastic film to cover the pan for added hygiene if you are OC-like me =p

At the back, you must strip the white paper off to reveal the adhesive
On the compact's box, there's an instruction in Japanese telling you to also peel off the stub on the lower left side of the the sticker. I'm no expert in Nihonggo but common sense tells me it's telling us to also peel the '202 Ivory' just in case we ran out of the powder and we totally forgot our shade, we can always refer to the stub.

Here's how it looks like on my palm, a big gem eh?
If you have this, try to swirl it around and look at the pretty kaleidoscope like pattern emerging on your compact =p The prettier and colorful environment, the better!

Here's the comparison to my MAC blot powder
On the outside it looks pretty much the same but side by side, Jill Stuart is a lot bulkier and MAC is slim thin

Here's how it looks when opened
Taddah! Jill Stuart actually only has 10 grams as opposed to MAC's 12 grams 

Here's how it looks on my skin
I only applied Pure Lasting Make-Up Base and Smooth Silk Powder Foundation N so you could see the real coverage without any concealer hiding my eye bags.

Coverage is actually sheer! No matter how much you try to pile up it doesn't look cakey although this could be a con too because it won't hide your imperfections effectively- but of course that's concealer's work =p
This is great for the no makeup makeup look because you could see your skin, the foundation just creates a thin veil of foundation on your face to lightly improve the overall look and texture of your skin. This is great if you have healthy and flawless skin but if you're looking for a heavier coverage it's advisable to use their liquid foundations.

Here's how I tested it, I used the foundation along with Jill Stuart primers(Day Care Essence and Pure Lasting Make-up Base) on two separate days to check which is more effective in oil control which will keep the makeup last long- I didn't have the luxury of time to apply a lot of eye makeup these days because I'm always in a rush actually =p

Foundation + Day Care Essence
My skin became oily after a few hours although Smooth Silk Foundation's oil control did help control the oil for a couple of hours. Day Care Essence is really on the skin care line but SAs are also marketing this as a primer for those who don't like the heavy silicone feel.

Foundation + Pure Lasting Make-up Base
My skin was shine free for almost the whole day! I was surprised! My face was an oil rig for the past couple of months and I was surprised to experience an almost oil free day for once this summer.
I actually like Pure Lasting Make-up Base even if it seems like it's an unknown Jill Stuart product- I think this primer and Smooth Silk Powder Foundation N will work better in the Philippine sun.

Hope this review helps! ^.^ 


  1. This is a great review! I always love reading Jill Stuart reviews as most bloggers really enjoy her thoughtful products :D I am really considering buying some of the collection, especially the powder you just used. It might be worth the hefty price tag for something elegant and pretty :)

    I really enjoyed reading the reviews :D I learned a lot about this makeup brand! :D Yay! You have very nice skin and you look gorgeous with the makeup on!

    Hope you get adjusted to working :) I know how traffic must be when you're in the midst of rush hr. I'm really fortunate that i live a few blocks from where I work! I just walk there! But I still drive sometimes so I can use my parking pass more often :)

    What do you do? :)

  2. Haha! thank you very much for the compliment! ^.^ but right now I'm having some break outs because I commute to work =( the summer heat combined with car fumes don't treat my skin well haha!

    You're so lucky you live near your workplace!!! ^.^ I wish I live near my workplace too, I used to live near my workplace but we moved to another city haha =p

    I am in banking, people are surprised to learn I have a degree in communication arts haha!Even I am surprised since my background is about photography, film making, tv production, radio production, video editing etc. ^.^

  3. your skin looks great, Chelle. I'm sure you don't need a lot of the foundie to cover imperfections as you barely have any. :P

  4. Aw... thanks Pammy! ^.^ but really, I'm suffering from break outs right now =( Trying my best to eat and sleep right to combat break outs ^.^

  5. you got lemmings!
    awww such a pretty compact powder! i want~
    issit heavy?

    compact is good for my mid-day touchups :D
    my Dior almost hit the pan*wheee
    but i hav a new Paul&Joe sittting pretty for me lolx

  6. nope it's not so heavy ^.^ It's made out of lightweight plastic that's good for travelling but the compact itself looks heavy duty eh?

    Aw... I want Paul and Joe too! <3

  7. Hi, i'm sorry to be all late, but i've got fam in the phil and wanted to know where I could (ask them) to get this there?


  8. hi J.J., Jill Stuart isn't available at the malls but you can check out and ask Bon to purchase you one in Taiwan and ship it here in the Philippines. =)