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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Jill Stuart Pouch & Happy Mama's Day!

Oops! Pardon me, I forgot to include this sweet Jill Stuart Pouch Bon included for me on my Jill Stuart promo set order! <3 I'm not sure though, Jill Stuart was having another promo along with the promo set before, if I buy something worth NT$3000 above they give me a limited edition Jill Stuart cellphone charm but it ran out quickly so I guess this is the replacement.
Thanks so much to Bon! We really really have to meet soon ^.^

Here's a close up of the floral details
The fabric is made of smooth satin-y fabric that feels luxurious to hold, very dainty- just the way I like it!

I love lace and I felt giddy to see the pouch with lace trimmings! <3

I thought a freebie pouch from Jill Stuart was good enough, they really pay good attention when it comes to details that they included a Jill Stuart logo inside <3

Happy mother's day to all the mothers out there!!! ^.^
Make sure to call your favorite restaurant for a reservation and give your mom a break from cooking your meals, restaurants are usually jam packed during these occasions... 

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