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Monday, May 3, 2010

Fruits & Passion Orange Cinnamon & Cannelle Hand Soap

My aunt gave this to me as a gift and I just used it now since I ran out of hand soap
One thing I noticed is the super cute packaging ^.^ 
The bottle is shaped like an orange with an artificial leaf tied on the pump dispenser!

Here's the label on the box

Here's the close up 
I got the leaf and tied it to my Khiel's Face Moisturizer and it looks cute <3

Here's how it looks like inside the box
The soap is pretty much okay, it lathers well and does it's job sanitizing my hands, the liquid soap looks metallic orange- so cute! 
It doesn't make your hands dry but it's not too moisturizing that it leaves a thin film of slippery substance that I hate so much, it makes me feel I still have soap on my hands.
However, I really don't dig the smell, it smells a bit like those orange flavored medicine for kids =(
But overall this is okay, I'm not very picky with soaps as long as it does it's job well ^.^ 

I'll be working tomorrow! I'm very excited, wish me luck! At last, I will learn new things and finally have something to do after being idle since December! <3 


  1. Chelle hun,

    I have been exposed haha
    YES i shamelessly took it from your blog as my my you are such a JillStuart darlin'
    I'm sorry if i didnt mention the due credits as we hav not been acquainted *blushing
    Anyhoo i hope its not too late :)

    i have mentioned the snippet's origin in my post! my humble apologies T.T
    OMG OMG i can't wait to oogle your coming JS haul ...will be reading ya sweetie!

    i used to detest orange scent ..BUTnowww i'm getting the hang of it and liking it especially vanilla orangee~ my newly purchase OZ GWROWN handcream

    WOOHOO! You're HIRED~~ congratz babe!
    All the best and enjoy the learning *hugss

  2. Fruits & Passion have great products, but they are always so expensive z=

  3. I have an award for you:

  4. @Gaby yeah =( Sometimes when I visit their stores and check out the prices, it makes me want to just splurge the money on makeup, haha!

    @shirley thanks!!! =D It was tiring but okay, fun!

  5. @Stellarvixen haha! it's okay =p I didn't put a watermark there because the photos are not really mine, I didn't take the photos, I just scanned it ^.^ don't worry about it! I really posted the scans so Jill Stuart lovers can check out the products and prices in Taiwan

  6. @Bed aw... <3 thanks Bec! ^.^

  7. Thanks for posting this, it's my first time seeing their products!

    xo, Diana

  8. lovely produt its very useful