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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Beware: Are You Suffering From An Incurable 'Allergy' from Wearing Fake Crocs?

This as a PSA (Public Service Announcement) from Maquillage Lover 

We all know fake crocs are everywhere here in Manila, we often get them at 168 and Divisoria Mall 
My brother used to wear fake crocs my aunt gave him during their shopping trip to 168.
Later on he developed some form of 'skin allergy' but he still insisted on wearing his fake Crocs and the so-called allergy grew bigger.

We forced him to stop wearing those fake Crocs and took him to several dermatologists, even the famous and in demand dermatologists just claimed it's just an allergy and gave my brother some ointment but it didn't go away.
My mother even thought he must have aggravated some lamang lupa (dwarves, elves and other earthly creatures with magical powers in Filipino folk lores), we had a witch doctor check up on my brother and the witch doctor claimed he did aggravate a lamang lupa. The witch doctor prescribed herbal medicines. Nevertheless, my brother still didn't get his foot healed.

Later on my mother and brother went to Taiwan for a summer trip, my aunt to them to a neighboring pharmacist and show him my brother's foot. The doctor explains it's not an allergy but fungus growing on my brother's foot. It might lessen with the Philippine derma's medication but it will continue to grow back. In fact, fake Crocs became a big news in Taiwan before because a lot acquired fungus from the bad rubber, my mother said some news even showed a man's whole foot covered in fungus.

The Shu Lin Pharmacist gave my brother Inhfungus cream and it killed the fungus caused by fake Crocs!
I know fake Crocs are still tolerated here in the Philippines but let this serve as a health warning to those who are wearing fake Crocs, I'm not condoning if you plan to wear fake or original Crocs- that's not the point, the more important issue here is that you should understand the consequences of wearing fake products- it might be more harmful to your health.

I'm not sure if Inhfungus cream is available in the Philippines, this is a Western medicine but repackaged in Chinese print. 
Here's the formula:
Inhfungus Cream
Econazole Nitrate 10mg
Triamcinolone Acetonide 1mg

I'm not a doctor nor a medical expert, I'm not prescribing this medicine to anyone, it's up to your discretion if you would like to try this medicine but my point is Inhfungus cream helped treat my brother's foot when everything else failed.

My brother's foot quickly healed and the fungus is gone but we got a spare tube in case something happens again. 

My uncle wore fake Crocs and recently developed fungus on his foot- he went through the same ordeal, hopping from one derma to another in search for a cure but it didn't do much help until we informed him of the Inhfungus cream.

I thought maybe someone out there is also suffering from the same thing so I decided to share this information with you guys and hopefully help you find the real culprit and seek proper medication. The local news has not put out their public service announcement regarding fake Crocs for some reason but I felt this is my obligation as a media person to share the information regarding fake Crocs and how it can give you fungal infection. 


  1. thanks for posting this a lot of people will benefit from this info,i was actually planning on buying fake crocs from greenhills since they were quite comfy,im not taking any risk!hehe.thanks sis

  2. hi Shobe! =) hope this helps! It's really hard to get rid of the fungal infection once it starts =/ my brother had to bear it for almost a year...

  3. yan ang moral lesson for patronizing fakes, 'insan. hehehe...
    type pa rin ni syoti yung crocs? akina size nya at bilhan ko sya here pero let me know aling style and size.
    take care & email me what's new with you~~

  4. haha! yeah =p nope Gune tossed his Crocs a long time ago, it wouldn't fit him now rin coz malaki na paa niya... Haha ok lang =p Gune doesn't like Crocs narin ngayon ^.^ I'm starting work tomorrow! Wish me luck! <3

  5. OMG fungus from fake crocs? thats super gross...and the thing about foot fungus especially is that it's super hard to get rid off once you have it :X i'm definitely not taking any chances, thanks for the info!

  6. there's really a risk with fake products :(