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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Cutie Star Daiso Oil Blotting Paper

One of my unsung hero! When I first visited Daiso at Robinson's Galleria, I felt a bit giddy seeing their small beauty section ^.^

I quickly picked up two blotting papers, I finished up the first one with some cute hologram design
Before I finish this up I'd like to post a dedicated review on one of the cheapest but effective way to blot oil away. Just look at the blot paper's battle scars (or folds), I always carry it with me, even if I bring a small bag that's not enough for me to put my small make-up kit in, I always slip this inside my small bag because I can't live without this. 

This doesn't have the adhesive unlike other plastic blot films because well- this is a light blot paper =p
I like blot papers better than films because I feel this is a lot gentle on the skin but be careful because this can tear up easily! 

If my memory serves me right this costs Php85 for around 150-200 sheets.

I took a sheet out

Blotted it on my forehead and see how it absorbs oil!
I've never been this oily before!

My blot paper is running thin but I bought around 3 Mentholatum Acnes oil blot films last January when I went to Hong Kong, I hope that would last me a long long time!


  1. This looks like a great buy :D I also have some oil sheets I bought @ Daiso that's sitting in my office. I use it during it after lunch. They are convenient b/c I dont powder my face 5x a day :p

  2. Great buy indeed! <3 I also don't like laying powder on my face a lot, it just might do more harm than good to my face in this hot weather ^.^

  3. I also have the Mentholatum Blotting sheets! hehehe I really like those more than my bosica green tea ones. hehehehe I just like those sheets where you can actually see the oil being extracted from your skin. ^.^ I'm weird right?

  4. Really? I'm down to my one last sheet of this blot paper and I'm gonna start using my Mentholatum blotting sheets! <3 I love seeing oil extracted from my skin too, it makes me see and feel oil free haha