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Monday, May 24, 2010

Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in 75 Dragon

Vavavoom! This is one of the perfect red lipstick I've encountered!
I got this Chanel Rouge Allure Laque in 75 Dragon from Martha for Php1000, sweet deal!^.^
This retails for Php1895 in Rustan's

I often see reviews and photos about Rouge Allure Laque but I rarely see the top Chanel logo, I was surprised to see the logo when I opened the box!

Here's how it looks on the doe foot applicator. I love the black glass tube, it contributes to Dragon's vibrancy! The glass tube is really classy but you have to take good care of this one, you can't use this when you're in a hurry or else you might accidentally drop it. Also, try to wipe the tube off with a clean cloth after use because it's a fingerprint magnet =p 

Here's my Chanel Rouge Allure Laque 75 Dragon swatch

On me, Dragon looks a bit darker than my Shu Uemura RD170 but it's a beautiful stunning solid shade of blood red. It makes my skin whiter with a healthy glow- not white ghostly pale. 
I was surprised with the lightweight texture, it doesn't feel as heavy as it looks. It is one of the better lipstick formula out there in the market, it looks so pigmented and yet it's feather light to wear.

Although I really really love the color and the formula, sometimes I find the lipstick transferring to my teeth =/ I really have to be careful using this. It lasts a good time and when it fades, it leaves a nice red stain just like my Shu Uemura RD170.

After testing Chanel Rouge Allure Laque, I can say this is one of the best lip product I've tried and it really makes me want to purchase Mandarin (reddish coral) and Phoenix (pink)! ^.^ 
Oh wait, my cousin Shirley just purchased me a handful of lipstick from Sephora! Hmmm... Chanel would have to take a back seat for a while ^.^ 


  1. great bargain! dragon suits you real well :) its ok to wait, theyre on the permanent collection anyway :)

  2. haha yeah =) I love red lipsticks but they seem so dressy for casual days =(

  3. you want me to add this list, Chanel Mandarin (reddish coral) and Phoenix (pink), to your shipment??? we're going to shop for Memorial Day SALE this weekend. aren't you tempted at all my dear lil cousin??? lol~~

  4. @Shirley haha ok lang di na =p thanks!!! <3 insufficient funds for now and the lipsticks might just spoil coz I can't finish them all up immediately =p but wait, how much would it be on sale? haha! (kunwari pa ayaw hahaha)

    @Rainy days and lattes thanks! <3 it's really a pretty pretty color, I just have to apply it perfectly ^.^

  5. Hey! I want to know if this lipstick is permanent

  6. hi Mila! =) I think this is available in the US but it's not available here in the Philippines anymore