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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Warning: Unauthorized Use of my Photo in Formspring

One of my college friends informed me someone's using my photo on
I was puzzled because I don't have formspring and I was wondering who would take interest in using my photo haha! I am flattered and amused but I feel that it's a form of robbery. Whatever things the person will post on his or her formspring page- I might be held accountable for that because I'm the face of that page. 

That's why I'm taking this opportunity to announce that I do not have a formspring account and I am not held liable for anything the person will post on his or her formspring page. 

I won't be so violent and verbally attack the person through his or her formspring page, I just simply asked 'why are you using my photo?' I hope I get a good civilized response and out of delicadeza, I hope the person will take my photo off the website. 

You can check it out at

P.S. I have a college friend named 'Crae' but I'm pretty sure it's not her and she has her own formspring account. 


  1. Jeez, that's a bummer. I hope that person will stop using your photo and give you a civilized response. Good luck, Chelle. :)

  2. yeah haha, I'm crossing my fingers for that ^.^

  3. hey 'lil cousin,
    that sucks big time.
    you should be very worried coz that's identity theft and people who are decent will not steal or use other's personal info. without the owner's consent.
    You can log into that site and select the 'GUIDELINES' at the bottom of the site page. There is a 'HERE' link where you can report that site to be closed down.

  4. Wow, very strange. I hope they take it down. That's not good =/

  5. @Shirley thanks for the tip! I'll try to do that...

    @Rainy days and lattes yeah i hope they'll take it down =(

  6. OMG~ That is sooo weird~ I'm surprised that they haven't taken down the photo.

  7. I wish formspring would take action =)

  8. lil cousin,
    you gotta go to that link i told you and report it. otherwise it will continue to exist. and, who know's what that creep might be up to...

  9. I did report it already last saturday

  10. @Chelle, i saw that the user CRAE has continued using your photo so i opened a TICKET complaint on said website w/ the ff. reference:
    Ticket #107149:

    I have forwarded the email to your Let's see how it goes.