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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Marc Jacobs Lola Make-up Kit Dimension

A sweet person emailed me this week to ask for more photos of my Marc Jacobs make-up kit 
I promised her I'd email back the photos on weekends and here it is ^.^

Here's a comparison with my MAC blot powder, Kiehl's lip balm and Givenchy lipstick

Here's how it looks like inside, no dividers whatsoever (it's okay for me coz it's free when you purchase a magazine!)

Here's my hand on the pouch, pretty small and nifty eh? 


  1. It's a nice and cute makeup kit... =)

  2. aw so cute! i love everything marc jacobs :)

  3. thanks gals! =) I'm really taking good care of this makeup kit ^.^