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Monday, April 26, 2010

WeHaveIt43 Has Been Revamp!

My favorite beauty online shop has been revamped much to my surprise!
And I'm loving the new look! <3
Bon has been telling me she wanted to change her site's look so the customers could navigate easily on the site and it has finally happened.

On the center of the page you could check her best sellers 
On the right side you could click on the list of brands she's also selling on a pre-order basis
Don't forget, she also has on hand products ^.^

This really makes online shopping easier, I thought Bon was selling a handful of brands but when I checked the long list out I didn't realize she's really selling a lot! This makes me appreciate her site even more <3


  1. lol..was surprised to see their new webbie the other day too :)

  2. hello chelle! i'm happy that you like the new lay out. (",) i have been frustrated with my site for the longest time, good thing Mikki was able to help me. She's amazing! check out her blogspot:

  3. hi Bon! ^.^ I love love love it! <3 Mikki's amazing! The layout is simple but it's very efficient when a customer is looking for products- everything is laid out very clear which is suitable for online shops

    gonna follow her blog! <3