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Sunday, April 25, 2010

I'm Lemming for Chanel Rouge Allure Laque Phoenix and Mandarin

Oh no! I'm lemming for these pretty babies... 
Hello wallet, are you still alive? Can you make it? 
I wanna get Phoenix which is a pretty and sexy shade of pink and Mandarin which is more of a reddish coral color.

Love it? Leave it? I want 'em all! <3
But I need to control... 


  1. I hear you. I have 1 one these in Santal.Love it. I want them all too. Wish they weren't so pricey.

  2. I wish these little jewels would be as easy as buying a candy from a store =p *sigh* I wanna get Santal too! <3

  3. omg this is so cool! this is the first time i saw this...must buy!

  4. This is very very cool! ^.^ Aah! I wanted to buy one too!

  5. Yeah sure my dear 'lil cuz'in... dream on...
    I've used Chanel lipsticks before & I'd say... GO FOR IT! ^,^
    C'mon... poke your wallet....
    toink...1 chanel phoenix....
    toink...1 chanel mandarin...
    c'mon, one more toink...santal...

  6. haha! no... not yet =p not until I have saved up some money ^.^

    Chanel lipsticks are that good?

  7. ...been a long long time ago since i used one... but i recall i like it better than my current estee lauder lipstick ^,^