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Sunday, April 25, 2010

"Telephone" Parody by Lady Gagita and Benzonce

Recently, Youtube superstar Lady Gagita and Benzonce bursted into the spotlight
My brother first introduced me to the quirky duo
Later on one of my friend mentioned about the Mayaman University production team ("mayaman" means rich in Filipino terms) and we all claimed we've viewed the parody of "Telephone", amazing!
Later this week I checked the broadsheets and I even saw Lady Gagita in print! 

Wow oh wow aren't these two getting the attention they truly deserve.
Do they deserve a spot on my blog? =p Yes they do! 

As one Youtube commentator said, they're very resourceful when it comes to costumes and  I love them for it. 
It doesn't matter if you have the budget or not, as long as you have creative juices and passion for it you can create an outstanding music video.

What caught me and my friends' eye, since we're all film majors, Mayaman University is not your ordinary home made parody. The location might be low budget, the costumes are not really replicated but still it takes a lot of effort because they created a lot of costumes. However, the people behind this video really know how to work the camera and editing, we're even thinking Vinzon Leojay Booc and the rest might be film students too.
Camera movement may not be so flawless, the camera quality may not be at par with high budgeted music videos but that's okay, it really takes time to train steady hands and we cannot really purchase expensive broadcasting quality cameras since a good unit might cost a hundred thousand plus Philippine Pesos. I really really love the sleek and almost perfect editing to bits and it makes up for everything else.

Can I just say I love Lady Gagita and Bezonce for their incredible talent? ^.^
I must say, I've watched various music video from various countries and I will stand by my comment that the camera truly loves Filipino talents. At first I wasn't so sure if they're Filipino because the location seem a bit different from the ones here in Manila and they're talking in another dialect, sometimes I often interchange local dialects to Thai, Malaysia and Indonesia's languages but but later on I checked the other videos, I saw a car's plate number and it's definitely the Philippines' plate number. When I try to think about moving to another country I know I will miss the Philippines for the great entertainment and talent; they're irreplaceable. They're the best, Filipinos can sing, dance, act etc. Moreover, most Filipinos have quirky characters and they're very expressive; it shows on their face and they are a natural when it comes to projecting their expression on camera. It doesn't matter if you don't look like the standard good looking celebrity, as long as you have the character and you can project it well, the camera will love you <3


  1. i saw the video! they're so talented and funny =)

  2. They're very very funny! Love 'em! ^.^

  3. Love the makeup! Nice parody!

  4. Ooh their makeup is created with great details, don't you think so? ^.^