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Thursday, April 29, 2010

MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark

May I say we're sizzling hot in here? Wooh! Yesterday reached around 37 degrees Celcius here in the Philippines and lucky for me, I've set a date with the boyfriend so we went strolling around in our favorite mall Rockwell. 
We also watched "Kick Ass" and it's really a kick ass! 

However, for a makeup addict, the best thing to do in Rockwell is to visit Shu Uemura and MAC counter- of course there's also Beauty Bar.

I remember I really wanted to try MAC Blot Powder because I'm having a bit of problem with my T zone so I grabbed the chance to purchase one item from MAC. Just one ^.^ I'm a good girl, I wanted to buy Liberty of London's Free to Be eyeshadow since it's still available and MAC Cyndi lipstick but I skipped everything else and controlled my makeup appetite. MAC Cyndi resembles a bit like my Givenchy Rouge Interdit Satin Sensual Rose- both are beautiful rosy red coral shades but in my comparison, Cyndi goes on sheerer with a light touch of shine because it's a lustre lipstick.

MAC Blot Powder in comparison to my hands

MAC Blot Powder costs Php1200. 
When I checked the compact, I thought "Woah!" It almost slipped from my palm, no wonder I see a lot of broken MAC compacts on the internet =( I think the culprit would be the smooth matte finish that makes it slippery than the glossy ones plus MAC Blot Powder's case is thinner than the other MAC clamshell cases. However, I really love matte finish so I'm taking care of this baby.

I checked the shade selection, the darkest shade Philippines carry is Medium Dark but I disagree with the selection, a lot of Filipinas have beautiful tan skin tone and MAC ought to bring in darker shades ^.^
For reference, I am second to the lightest shade in Jill Stuart (a Japanese makeup, most Japanese brands carry lighter shades than most brands)
I checked Medium and I initially thought it was nearest my shade but the SA recommended me to go for Medium Dark. I forgot to check her name but I swear she's very nice also like Raymond who wasn't around that time. The SA said she's afraid Medium might look paler and espasol like though it goes on transparent. I agree! I swatched both Medium and Medium Dark, turns out Medium Dark looks more natural and invisible on my skin tone. 

MAC Blot Powder in Medium Dark

Here's how Medium Dark looks like, it doesn't actually look so dark, eh? 
I tried a spot on my forehead and nose to test how good the Blot Powder is on oil control. 37 degrees later, the small spot and my nose bridge remained shine free! ^.^ There was a teeny tiny bit of oil residue but it's nothing compared to the oil slick and shine I was having all over my face. MAC Blot Powder is good enough <3

MAC Blot Powder is a hefty 12 grams which would take me forever to use up. I often finish up powder compacts for a year to a year and a half with daily use so this is a good buy for me. Luckily, the shelf life is two years! ^.^

I'm still trying it out today for the second time using my own brush. It goes on smooth and silky; it doesn't look cakey at all! It's really transparent on my skin with or without foundation. I felt that my skin was soft to touch without much oil. I applied Blot Powder around 1pm and my face starts to oil up at 3:30pm which is pretty okay because usually my face would oil up after an hour. I just retouched, I normally start retouching by using a blot paper before layering another powder so my pores wouldn't be so clogged up with oil and powder but for now I skipped blotting paper and proceeded to brush on MAC Blot Powder just to see how good this is at absorbing oil, again it goes on smooth and silky and it did absorb the oil on it's own! It looks natural and not cakey. Great stuff in keeping oil at bay! Although my OC self would still want to use a blotting paper before applying Blot Powder ^.^

I will definitely repurchase this after finishing it up.


  1. nice!!! thanks for the review!!

  2. i have never been to rockwell mall!!there were times na i wanted to make a side turn na,i really want to see that mall!haha.and it seems like mac blot powder is what oily people like us needs,something to mattify our face without the heavy feeling of powder

  3. @Jennifer no prob! ^.^ I took your advice and just bought the two compacts, JS will come very soon!

  4. @Shobe it's quite a small mall lang ^.^ there aren't much shops like SM and Robinson's but you can find pricey brands like Michael Kors, Armani etc. there but we don't really go there to buy stuffs, we usually just enjoy the cool temperature, eat in Pepperlunch and watch a movie haha, we love Rockwell coz the ambiance is very relaxing, there aren't too many people rushing to and fro <3

    yup yup if you're oily it's really advisable to get MAC blot powder, it's one of the best ^.^

  5. hmm...
    as i break out everytime i use mac face powders, there's no way i'll be able to use it..but i hope that there would come a day na hindi na ko mgbbreak out from their powders because this is 1 of the products that i want to try the most e

    as for the post office charge...actually whenever you claim a parcel you have to pay Php35 lang sa post office..but the Customs inspection is different.

    once your package reach $50+, you will have to pay a certain amount which is not lower than Php1, it feels like you're paying the 'government' half of the price that you bought online.. which i think is definitely very greedy!

  6. aw... sorry to hear that =( try mo nalang on cool weather but not now kasi ang init, it would really clog up our pores ^.^ I'm not wearing much makeup these past few weeks coz of the heat

    ah i see... thanks for the info! Yeah that is greedy =( I'm trying to figure out how the PO works coz they really seem so unreasonable with their taxation...

  7. just fyi only, airfreight to taiwan at less than usd100 declaration DO NOT get any charges at taiwan post offices. i was once charged ntd2000+/- when i declared usd500.
    sana phil post office e meron din table for rate charges to make everybody's life easier...

  8. @Shirley i don't know much if may taxation chart sinusunod ang phil post office, i just know they have a quota they have to collect everyday which is ridiculous