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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Beauty Dilemma III: Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder Foundation N or MAC Blot Powder?

Okay gals, welcome to another edition of Beauty Dilemma! Haha
Seriously I don't know who to turn to or ask for advice anymore
I'm going a bit looney thinking which powder compact I'm gonna buy.

What I want:
A good oil absorbing powder
Powder for setting makeup
Natural looking
Won't cake
Won't change my Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation's color 
An instant foundation I could use on emergencies when I have to dash out of the door a bare face

Am I asking too much? =p
Basically I will just use the powder most of the time for setting my makeup and absorbing oil since it's like summer all through out the year in the Philippines and I ALWAYS oil up on my T-zone.
I will only use the powder as a foundation at rare occasions when I'm in a such hurry that I will just have to do my makeup while on the road

I found two powder compacts that might be worthy looking at:

Jill Stuart Smooth Silk Powder Foundation N 

  • It has exactly my shade in Ivory
  • Claims to be light, airy and non-cakey
  • Claims to be have oil control properties while being moisturizing
  • Other review say this makes the skin glow 
  • Jill Stuart's liquid foundation does make my skin glow and there's a big chance it's the same with the powder one
  • Handy in cases of emergencies where I have to rush without putting on any makeup
  • Cutest powder compact I've seen
  • Hygienic; puff is separated from the pan

  • Super expensive considering I'm just gonna use this as a setting powder, don't get me wrong, Bon sells this for Php2400 which is very cheap considering the retail price is already a whopping NT$1500.
  • Silver compact's design is fingerprint magnet; needs cleaning every now and then
  • It has a light floral scent, I use a lot of Jill Stuart products and the scent may pile up 
  • Only has 10 grams
  • This is a foundation and not a light pressed powder. Would light dusting make it look cakey? 

MAC Blot Powder

  • Drastically cheaper and reasonable price for a setting powder, retails for Php1200
  • Claims to be translucent which makes choosing shades easier
  • Sleek professional black packaging makes it low maintenance to clean
  • Has 12 grams (that's 2 grams more than JS)
  • Has a lot of good reviews in terms of oil control
  • Unscented
  • Can be drying and flaky if you have dry skin areas
  • Other reviews say this is starchy but makes it a great oil absorber
  • Powder's MAC logo and other writings will fade easily- that's what I usually see with the other MAC compacts
  • Puff is placed on top of the pan, not so hygienic but that can be easily resolved

Another fact for me to consider is that powders lasts me a year because I only use it for light dusting and setting. 

Oh I forgot to include that Bon's gonna go backpacking trip to Aussie soon so this might be my last chance to get Jill Stuart! Jill Stuart's pretty hard to come by to the Philippines and I don't know any other importer already while MAC is just a car ride away.

Watcha think gals? 


  1. Make Up Mama posted a review about Maybelline Dream Matte powder. According to her it is comparable to Mac Blot. Perhaps, you could check it out too. It's a relatively very cheap alternative to your dilemma. Here's the link: :)

  2. @Bea Ooh thanks so much for the heads up! ^.^

  3. Chelle, I think i'd buy 2 different products for each use (one for blotting, settling makeup, one powder foundation for on-the-go occasions)!

    I think using a powder foundation (even if dusting lightly) might look cakey or very made-up ish, so if you're looking for oil control, try Ettusais medicated acne-control loose powder in Beige ( i have one and it controls oil very well, even if i don't have much acnes).

    so i'd say get the JS as a powder foundation, and get another oil-controlling loose powder from other brand! at least that's how I would do it.

    Hmmm another quick idea, I do use my Benefit HellO Flawless foundation for 2 functions, because it comes with two tools, a sponge and a small brush.

    I use the sponge to apply when I need full and flawless coverage; while I use the small brush if i want a light touch on my face (like applying foundation with a brush, but I'm NOT using the brush to apply after using the sponge). lol i think you can check this product out too! coz originally the sponge is meant to be used on specific areas i.e. undereye, and the brush is meant to be used on the whole face (with a light hand). I reallly liike this idea and the packaging with 2 tools inside, it's really convenient.

  4. Chelle, I haven't tried any JS products but MAC Blot is one of the products that I swear by when it comes to oil control. :P

  5. @Jennifer thanks for snapping me out of this craziness haha :)) buying different compacts for different purposes sounds like the best thing to do... I can't get everything I want in one powder anyway since it's contradicting that I want a non cakey powder but at the same time I want an emergency foundation on the go... Hmmm... Maybe I can just get JS now since Bon's leaving Taiwan in 3 weeks and this is my last chance to buy Jill Stuart *cries hysterically* and then get another oil control powder later on when I have an income :)) Ooh, I'll also check out Benefit and Ettusais <3

  6. @Pammy I have a question =D when you apply the MAC blot powder, does it have a 'baby powder' like finish? I read it's starchy kasi but I hope not coz a lot swear by it's oil controlling properties...

  7. I can get JS for you when I'm back in HK :) if you run out of anything from them...

  8. @Chelle,
    no rush about your TWN stuff. i have mega-bbox going to Manila later (my personal stuffs) + an empty smaller bbox. just shoot me an email on your shopping list, i'll have them picked up and include in my bbox. that also means, whoever has some more wish list from TWN can send them to you for consolidation. haaa...
    If you want matte finish go use MAC foundation in cake/pan, works on the oil but a bit heavy on the skin. If you want a quick pat over bare face, go for Shiseido Translucent or Givenchy Air Sensation Loose Powder Quartet. I'm using Givenchy now & the 4 diff powder shades in one blot are fun & helps correct skin coloring issues. I can't comment on JS as I've not tried it yet...
    Rule No. 1 on NOT using a foundation for on the go is always make sure your face/skin is in tip-top condition. Then, a slight powder pat will definitely give you the oh-so-bare yet not-so-bare look. That means, lots of rest, water, fresh fruits/juices. Keeping handy oil blotting tissues is a big help, too.
    BTW, I've also tried using Cover Girl Clean Sensitive Skin liquid foundation which is very light on the skin & works OK without finishing powder. I found out coz I forgot to bring the powder when doing my M/U in the car. haa...

  9. @Jennifer oh thank you very much! ^.^ but that's okay... I'm afraid the Philippine post office will force me to open my package in front of them with the threat that it's drugs and I will go to jail if I don't open the package, when they see the package they'll tax it heavily no matter what because the gov't sets a quota for them to collect everyday ='(

  10. @Shirley Ooh hen's the mega bbox coming to the Philippines? thanks for the tips! Now if only I can afford Givenchy hahaha :)) Givenchy's not locally available still... There are perfume selections but not the make up line...

  11. @Chelle, got GIVENCHY on a year-end SALE at SOGO. Mega-bbox can leave anytime & trying to find out if the smaller bbox can be sent out separately coz I'm thinking to ship that one directly to you. ^,^
    I think you can setup a pre-order list for Taiwan stuffs & I'll have them shipped to you directly in the smaller bbox.
    p.s. I think you can afford GIVENCHY if you can afford Jill Stuart & MAC. bwahahaha... You are such a BI cousin, cuz you now got me lemming to try JS products~~

  12. Haha! I see =p nah it's okay I'm gonna start working and I have to guage first if work is heavy or not before I continue with my sideline...

    try JS!! try it!!! =p I'm not sure, I think u can order JS from New York...