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Monday, April 5, 2010

What's Inside VoCE Magazine April 2010

*Gasp!* It's such a crime to go to Taiwan and not hoard Japanese make up when it's cheapest there! However, 7/11 are a dime a dozen there so I got to snap up VoCE Taiwan at the very least. I also got the famously 1 inch thick Sweet Magazine with a Jill Stuart Cafe bag freebie but that's gonna be another post. 

I'd like to share what's inside VoCE this April since Asian magazines are hard to come by here in the Philippines. I was drunk with makeup info with this magazine, it's really packed with make up stuffs which was great. I've been searching for magazines that are purely dedicated to makeup and this comes close- almost every page is filled with makeup information.
P&J lovin'

I'm still a JS fan! <3
Their mix blush is fool proof!

Looking for foundation? VoCE picks it out for you!

Eye make up palettes

tutorials how to use the palette

nail art! 
I'm loving this design; it's chic and elegant

More tutorials

More foundation- and that's my Jill Stuart Moist Silk Liquid Foundation below

More intensive tutorials
This pretty model reminds me of our model-photographer Noelle Hernandez

Ah... I've been meaning to buy this since I'm running out of powder compact but I can't fully understand what is written. I'm posting this in case a dear reader who has better Chinese reading skills can help me. 


  1. oh! so you're in taiwan now??

    i can help you do the translation ;)
    the text on the left (in black) is saying that the powder is very smooth and easily blendable, you don't feel like you're 'putting on makeup kind of cakey'. it is rich and moisturizing but at the same time not greasy. it covers pores and small lines/wrinkles, even if repeatedly applied, your face can still remain half-powder half-mist state. It stays a long time to remain non-sticky and non-greasy, even aged skin can use!

    the white text insid eth orange box is:
    Shine Versus soft mist
    Nude face Versus perfect coverage
    Clings on well to your face Versus clear and light.

    The text on the right means: 'since the powder is covered with a layer of softening milk, you would feel it's very smooth and fine. Apply according to the skin's angle and sculpture (like silhouette), create the fine and smooth look. SPF 20 PA+ available in 5 colours.

    i'm not the perfect translator but hope this helps T.T

  2. Hi Chelle

    thanks for your comment on my food post. But I cannot post the comment due to some blogger error. so sorry!

  3. @Jennifer nope I just came back home last Saturday =p I spent a week in Taiwan so I couldn't post blogs regularly due to lack of internet access...

    Thanks so much for the translation!!! <3 it's really a great help, I should have listened intently during my Chinese classes, now my Chinese reading skills are rusty...

    I'm deliberating to get Jill Stuart or MAC blot powder since I'm just gonna use this for setting the foundation and emergency instant makeup when I'm on the road... I'm smelling Jill Stuart is the winner! ^.^

  4. @Lavender hi dear =) it's okay don't worry about it ^.^ I'm having some blogger problems too, I can't seem to get updates from various blogs I'm following =( Hope Blogger fixes our problems soon!

  5. yea.. wish there'd be some makeup-dedicated magazine here

  6. did you get anything from Taiwan ?? JS?? :D

  7. @Maki Yeah I wish there'd be a makeup magazine too =(

    @Jennifer nope huhuhuhu ='( my Taiwan trip's for my family business trip so vacation is at bay... I went to the world trade to look for machinery and plasticware. World Trade is very near Shin Kong Mitsukoshi but I didn't step in Shin Kong ='( huwaah!

  8. @Chelle, poor you... temptations temptations... must have been tough to stare from outside... next time~

  9. @Shirley yeah ='( there will be next time...