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Thursday, April 8, 2010

What's Inside Sweet Magazine April 2010

I also got this from Taiwan, I think it's on sale for NT$275 because May 2010 already came out and it retails for NT$299.

These are the magazines I got from Taiwan with a freebie Jill Stuart Cafe bag

Sweet is really really thick compared to VoCE if you'll check the comparison

here's my little thumb also for comparison
So far this is my heaviest magazine with a whopping 470 pages (not including the cover flaps)

Sweet is mainly a fashion magazine with a bit of makeup laced on the sides
This is one of the few makeup section

Sheer dresses seem to be all the rage now in Taiwan, I heard dresses are accumulated in China, Korea and Hong Kong, of course you're better off to buy clothings from Korea and Hong Kong but China dresses aren't that bad if there's quality control.

I'm loving the white wedding dress with a delicate ribbon tied on the waist!

Footwear! I love the elf boots

MAC Lightful powder compact-
it's exclusively available in Asia, you won't even find this in!
I'm just not sure if MAC Philippines carries this permanent line (I think)
I haven't seen this yet but I'm sure it's not fake, it's in Sweet Magazine! ^.^

I love lace blouses and tunics

Floral prints seem to be the rage also

This might be my favorite tunic in the magazine

More bootsies! I love boots
The provide the comfort of rubber shoes but it looks more fashionable

More lace tunics
Has lace tunics and floral blouses arrived in our tiangges?
Tiangge is Philippine's version of night market-only that it operates whole day and night 

My cute Jill Stuart Cafe bag!<3
Jill Cafe has opened in Daimaru Department Store in Osaka, Japan

Here's the interior- it's not cushioned but it's okay 
There's a divider flap also so you could place small nifty things in.

The bag feels like towel cloth though =/ 
but what the heck, the magazine itself is a bargain at NT$275 considering how thick it is


  1. Thanks for the magazing scans! I really appreciate them, being unable to get hold of the magazines myself. Love the lining of the new Jill Stuart bag, pretty and delicate!

  2. @Penelope no prob! ^.^ I also rarely get the chance to buy Japanese magazines but luckily I travelled 2x this year already... The JS bag is really delicate so it needs extra TLC haha

  3. hi chelle! kumusta? ;) i love meeting fellow filipinas here on blogger! i see you love jill stuart too! *high five!* :)

    thanks for the scans! and your little jill purse looks so cute ^_^

  4. @coffretgorge hi Georgina! ^.^ glad to meet you here! Matagal ko na binabasa blog mo on Japanese make up reviews, akala ko taga HK/TW/JP/KR/SG ka, taga Pinas ka pala! ^.^ I should have read your profile more closely haha

    no prob! =) I don't know if I'm even gonna use the JS purse ever, it's for keeps! <3

  5. awww tooo bad that Mac compact is an Asian exclusive item. hehehe Yeah~ Your JS bag is adorable. :D Thxs for the magazine scans~

  6. @Popcorn Yeah ='( it's an Asia exclusive but it's not in the Philippines yet! haha, I have to lurk around MAC counters and hunt this down! =p