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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Watching Alice in Wonderland

At long last! All hell broke loose during the first week so I opted not to watch Alice in Wonderland and instead focused on delivering goodies and Alice in Wonderland eye shadow palettes.

My boyfriend and I viewed Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland at Rockwell. We love going to Rockwell because of it's relaxing to stroll around a mall not densely populated. The theater is very nice- one of the nicest. 

Another reason is that we want to try Rockwell's new XpanD 3D theater and it's a lot better than Greenbelt's version of 3D in my experience. 

We took the earliest viewing schedule which was 12:20 noon so there's not much people watching since it's lunchtime. Good choice! When we got out of the theater we were greeted by a crowd of parents and kids waiting in the line to buy tickets- I bet it's for Alice in Wonderland.

We were treated to green screen galore! I wonder how Tim Burton directed his talented cast because it's very hard to act in an unimaginative set up. Plus, it's hard working with green screen, I should know because it's one of the trickiest part of Communication Arts. It's not just simply green paint or just any green background; there should be a precise color and intensity to the greenness to create vivid graphics. Sometimes we frustratingly mix the fixed green screen hue with green light just to get the right colors for the graphics and special effects or else the green hue would show up on screen and it's not acceptable.

The audience went into Tim Burton's dark and yet highly imaginative vision of Wonderland; I must admit the film maker is brilliant. It's his auteur style- the film texture is dark and grim and yet it's contrastingly colorful. I couldn't cook up that much imagination because I'm more on realism but Tim's just brilliant when it comes to imagination. He's certainly gone mad, he's gone bonkers, but let me tell you a secret, most great people are...

I should agree with Josh of when he coined 'Johnny Depp in Burtonland' instead of 'Alice in Wonderland' because the audience usually see the star power cast instead of the talent. 

Usually, great film makers have their own favorite set of talents to work with. It's like having your favorite group mates to work on a big project; you work with a person because you know the person's work ethics and you can easily communicate with each other. In the case of director-talent team work, it's really a big feat to try directing talents- I've tried it before and I usually ended up getting frustrated if a talent doesn't get what I want him or her to portray on cam. Think Lino Brocka- I have seen numerous Lino Brocka films starring one of the  greatest Filipino actor Eddie Garcia. 

I've met Eddie Garcia in Hong Kong, I think he's around 80+ years old already but boy he was still out on the night market around midnight smoking while waiting for his companions who are still shopping. But he's nice; he felt we knew him even if we just glanced at him and yet he extended greetings with my family. 

 I have seen some loopholes and mistakes in continuity, shot sizes, angles and it was partly because of the editing. I have seen loopholes in the screenplay and storyline but I won't be explaining them anymore. I'm quite tired of judging films; I used to judge films every minute of the day because we need keen eyes during editing in order to avoid mistakes like the ones in Alice in Wonderland. I know how it feels to have my bubbles burst; I didn't enjoy watching films after becoming a film student myself because I just keep on looking for the mistakes instead of enjoying the film for what it is. 

I know a lot of you enjoyed Alice in Wonderland and it should be magical for the audience. 

Leave the dirty work to us and just enjoy the show. 

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