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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Upcoming Reviews 2: Benefit 10, Jill Stuart Eye Jelly in Midnight Shine, Jill Stuart Lipstick in Baby Coral

Here are the stuffs I got from Bon of this Friday ^.^
I wanted to use all of these on my movie date with the boyfriend but I deliberately didn't so I could take snapshots for reviews coming up soon! I'll be taking photographs under natural light because artificial light doesn't do great for snapping make up photos.

Benefit 10 Bronzer and Highlighter
I've always wanted a bronzer and a highlighter but I'm not sure if I'm gonna use it regularly so I got this 2 in 1 product instead. The bronzer seems light enough for my pale skin. 

Jill Stuart Eye Jelly in Midnight Shine
It's really really pretty... <3

Jill Stuart Lipstick in Baby Coral
This lipstick's is a whopping 5 grams from the average 3-4 grams...

Vivi Magazine March 2010 Taiwan Edition
It's in Chinese! Hurrah! I can read it now!!! ^.^ 

Now this Jill Stuart make up box is a pleasant surprise from Bon! ^.^ 
I remember Bon telling me she was pleasantly surprised to see I've been blogging about her online shop for a while so she decided to send me a gift, I didn't know it would be shipped right away with this purchase. 
This will now house all my Jill Stuart stuffs- I didn't realize I've accumulated so much already, haha!

I didn't expect another gift twice in a row this week. My suki buyer and friend Sienna told me it must be good karma. Thank God for the gifts! ^.^ 

Let us always remember to praise God for the material gift and more importatnly, the gift of goodness we receive from the people around us. =)


  1. haha LOL your are right! You do update your blog many times a week~ hahah GOOD JOB!
    JILL STUART, the queen of packaging! Sooo adorable. Midnight SHine is an awesome COLOR! You are going to love it! hahah wow! you have quite alot of JS things! ;P

  2. haha! I enjoy writing blogs very much =p
    Jill Stuart is very very adorable! Too bad we don't have it here... Whenever I go to the beauty counters here in the Philippines, I always tell myself 'Nah I wanna go home and look at my dresser' because nothing seems to impress me anymore esp. now that I have Jill Stuart stuffs hahaha