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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Today's a Gift

Today, one Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland was picked up by the lovely Ms. Dinna Vasquez. 
I was cleaning up the house when I heard the doorbell, I rushed to check the CCTV and she's here! 
I quickly rushed to meet her because her suki taxi was waiting and the meter is still ticking (I think)

Ms. Dinna is actually very very nice, when I saw her my eyes went to these Revlon lip glosses because I'm such a make up junkie I think I have a make up radar, haha! But of course I immediately resumed to talk to her; we talked about random things like how fierce my dogs are; my small mini pin Brownie was free roaming around while his big brothers and sisters are in their cribs.

I'd like to thank Ms. Dinna Vasquez for these, it's the first time a customer has given me a gift ^.^ 
I usually decline accepting gifts because nahihiya ako especially that Ms. Dinna has already done me so much by putting my name and this blog on print; it's really enough for me but Ms. Dinna insisted so it's the best to receive with graciousness.

Gosh, the Revlon ColorStay Ultimate Lipcolor is quite big in size, don't you think so? Hurrah to generous sizes! 

So Ms. Dinna, here's a big thank you very much! ^.^ 

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