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Monday, March 1, 2010

Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss in BE211

I've been neglecting my glosses and opted to swipe on lipsticks most of the time now but today I'm going to revisit my lip gloss lovin' days. 

I've been using lip gloss since 10 years old and now I'm 20 going 21 this year so it's almost 11 years of dabbing lip gloss. Whew! It makes me feel so old =p

My version of Majolica Majorca's Honey Pump Gloss is the second generation and it's pure love. 

I got this from Bon of as GWP because I don't know how much I've spent already shopping on her online shop, I do know but I'm in denial; I don't wanna acknowledge and say it out because I might faint but it's all worth it haha. However Bon sells this for Php 250, pretty cheap for a nice Japanese lip gloss.

This is in BE211 which is the beige color. This is my first nude lip gloss and it's right on time because summer is here in the Philippines. I've been reading Japanese Magazines and going for nude lips this summer is the craze!

 I used to hate nude lips because it makes me look so pale and unhealthy but hey that's not true. You just have to take cues on how to wear nude lips and it will look simply beautiful.

Here's how the applicator looks. Most of the tube lip gloss have the slanted type of applicator but Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss has a round applicator which glides smoothly on the contours of my lips.  

Majolica Majorca Honey Pump Gloss in BE211 swatch

I admit I'm afraid of using plumping lip gloss because I heard it stings. I don't know how the plumping effect  fares for Majolica Majorca though =p 

The color looks solid in here but it looks very sheer on the lips- it just adds a tinge of nude color which is the whole point of sporting nude lips.

Here's how it looks spread on. If you'll check closely you'll see bits of shimmer. 
What's remarkable in the shimmer is that it will stay put even after a long way of no retouch. 
The gloss texture is smooth despite the glitters and yet the consistency is very sticky- comparable to my Shiseido Primalise Gloss.

Aah... Look how the gloss reflects the light. It looks lovely! <3
Now I think I'm going back to lip gloss for a while... 

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