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Monday, March 1, 2010

Urban Decay Eye Shadow in AC/DC

Honestly, I'm getting anxious with the Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland package. I'm expecting it on March 4 but with the earthquake and tsunami warnings, it would be understandable if there would be delays on the sea freight cargo. I'm still crossing my fingers it would arrive on time! 

Still, my prayers go to Chile, no amount of make-up shipment delays is worth complaining about when people are suffering on the other side of the globe.

For now I'd like to make a review on an Urban Decay eyeshadow in AC/DC to ease my anxiety. 

Urban Decay AC/DC eye shadow swatch

AC/DC is described as rich eggplant shade with silver microglitter.

However, I'd like to revise the word 'microglitter' and make it into 'shimmer' instead. I can't see specks of microglitter but the shimmer is attractive and it makes the eye shadow color look more alive.

I always use a brush in doing my swatches because it will be more accurate this way. Using my fingertips and swiping the color on my skin would create another finish. 

On the pan it looks quite a good purple hue but upon swatching on my skin it looks taupe-ish/greyish with a tinge of purple. It looks very pretty. It reminds me of Jill Stuart Eye Jelly in Crystal Sky but of course I'm not sure about the accuracy because I don't have Jill Stuart Eye Jelly in Crystal Sky. 

The texture is very smooth and silky like most Urban Decay eye shadows; what I'm surprised with is that it is pigmented on it's own- even without the aid of foiling. It goes on smoothly and adheres to your skin effortlessly. 

It is beautiful on its own but like my previous methods in applying Urban Decay eye shadows, I still believe it looks better with foiling if you'd like a bolder look. 

I'm also amazed that this sticks to my skin for a long period of time; of course there's a bit of creasing even with UDPP but hey we're living in a tropical and humid country so it's understandable =p


  1. Love the color, ive never tried any of urban decays eyeshadow cause I thought they were too shimmery for me. Boy am I regretting not getting a few :/

  2. There are some sprinkles of glitter but I can easily dust it away... From my book of shadows 2, only midnight cowboy rides again is the most glitter bomb of them all but doing the foiling method does the trick =)