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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Keeping Cool in the Philippine Summer Heat

I'm melting away... This heat we're experiencing is weakening. 
I don't know, maybe it's around 34-35 degrees Celcius already? 

Anyway, I've been depleting my stock of Three Legs Cooling Water Gypsum Fibrosum/ Air Penyejuk Badan Cap Kaki Tiga because I need to keep internal heat at bay. 

Here's how it looks.
We buy this in Chinatown since the distributor is in Chinatown. 
We call this 'Se Kak Tsuy' in Fookien. 
There's another version that came out which has the plastic cover instead of the paper cover and I prefer the original paper cover version than the plastic one.
The plastic cover version just tastes like regular water and it doesn't do much in keeping me internally cool.
With the original paper cover version it has a distinct cool taste and it effectively keeps me cool.

Read how this work
I'm not sure if my Filipino readers are familiar with this one but really, this helps a lot in keeping internal heat at bay. 

Often times, we drink a lot of chilled water and eat frozen desserts thinking this will help us cool down but after a while the comfort goes away and we feel the internal heat again. This has frustrated me; when I was a kid I thought drinking cold water would do the trick and I wouldn't listen to my mother when she asks me to drink the cooling water. Now, I'm the one begging my mother to buy more cooling water. 

Is 20 years old considered adult? =p I'm just drinking a bottle a day and it keeps heat at bay.
A bottle contains 200ml, I drink it all at once to keep it concentrated and I believe it works better that way than just sipping a bit from time to time. 

Here's the distributor address:
Tekson Marketing
597 T. Alonzo St. Sta. Cruz, Manila

Am I making sense? Haha, my mind is a bit slurred due to the heat. 
I need to turn the wi fi off already, I'm afraid it might explode. Just kidding!
*Knock on wood*


  1. This drink reminds me of my childhood in Malaysia! I think I've pretty much forgotten what it tastes like though.

  2. Hi Penelope! Oh I'm wishing for more of these... I'm getting dizzy because of the heat here in Manila, Philippines =( It has a distinct taste I can't describe with words, haha, it just tastes refreshing to me...