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Sunday, March 28, 2010

How to Apply Jill Stuart Eye Jelly Neatly

A few posts ago, I mentioned that I found a neat way to apply Jill Stuart Eye Jellies
The usual complaint of these Jill Stuart eye jellies is that it's unsanitary to dip our finger tips on the eye jelly pot and use the same fingertip to spread the beautiful jewel tone color on our lids. It's a guilty pleasure but let's face it, it might do more eye harm than good because bacteria can breed in such a damp make up pot.
Also, most of the time, our fingertips aren't the greatest eye makeup applicator there is because it's too big to reach through our tiny inner V's. 

So, I experimented with several make up tools to see which would pick up eye jellies the best.
Stay away from natural bristles because it would not pick up the jelly at all.
Synthetic bristles will pick up the jelly product minimally.

I found that the best eye jelly applicator is the much ignored sponge tip applicators.
For this I will use my reusable solid rubber sponge type applicator from my Kirkland Brush Set
You can also use the typical hollow sponge type applicator, I tried using this with my Jill Stuart sponge applicator and it works well also.

Dab your sponge applicator and lift it up to pick up the jelly texture

Apply it on your lids and try to pack the color first whichever way you like.
I like the sponge tip applicator because it can reach my inner V easily and neatly without scattering glitters on my face.

After packing in the color, you may layer the color to make it look darker. I like to layer another color of eye jelly because it's shimmery, it actually adds more dimension to your eye makeup. I love to layer another color especially on my inner lids

The color looks darker in real life, the camera phone washes the real pigment away.
If you'd like to check out Jill Stuart eye jelly in Midnight Shine's more accurate swatch check my review and swatch.
Using the same sponge applicator, I blend the color and shimmer to diminish harsh lines- the natural hair blending brush won't work =p Just be careful and gentle so as not to harm your delicate eye area skin 

Hope this helps for Jill Stuart eye jelly lovers and to those who are planning to purchase this as well <3


  1. Thanks for the tutorial, it looks really well applied! I don't own any Jill Stuart eye jellies, but will revisit your tutorial if I ever buy any!

  2. @Penelope no problem! ^.^ hope it helps you too in the future!

  3. the jelly eyes looked so lovely on ur lid... pretty color there and i cant wait for get my 1st jelly eyes :D

  4. @shaynaJo thank you very much for the compliment! ^.^ enjoy eye jellies! they're lovely pots of color <3

  5. ahh brilliant way of applying the eyejelly~
    i normally use my finger and do the tapping lol
    you can imagine thee number of times me going to the washroom to rinse my hand!!

    yay now i can use my sponge tip applicator from JS quad eyeshadow~

    good handy tips!

  6. hi Stellarvixen! =) Yey another JS fan!!! <3 Hope the tip helps! ^.^

  7. Chelle,
    I will experiment using the sponge applicator tomorrow...

    its unfortunate that during my visit to JS at HK the midnight jelly was sold out!boo!
    only the older eyejelly is still around so i picked "green Butterfly"

    my other choices were diamondsnnow, berry sparkle & aqua crystal

  8. Aw that's sad =( it's okay I think Green Butterfly is a great color too! <3