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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jill Stuart Eye Jelly in Midnight Shine Review and Swatch

What Jill Stuart says:
Jelly eye colors with a fresh and moist texture for eyes with gem like sheen and clarity
Fresh Jelly-like textured eye colors
translucent and clear colors
glides smoothly onto your eyelids and stays fresh for hours to give you a long lasting and beautiful finish

its glass container with an arabesque patterned cap is designed in the image of Murano glass. It is small enough to carry anywhere.
Contains Pure Crystal Powder
Scented with the fragrance of Crystal Floral Bouquet

My Review:
It's not a secret that I am a big fan of Jill Stuart make up products, right? 
I love make up products that has great quality and packaging; this one is no exception.

I bought this from Bon at

I love the packaging; it's very obvious it makes anyone feel princess-y. This is the new packaging actually but the old packaging also has some pretty interesting colors. This is small enough to fit your purse but I suggest don't bring it around since a little goes a long way and the eye jelly stays put for hours on me even without Urban Decay Primer Potion.

I love the color blue but I go gaga over the color navy blue. What more if it looks this pretty? 
It makes my knees weak!

Look at how it glimmers when it hits the light. It's all fine glitters; they're very very fine that it doesn't hurt the sensitive eye area unlike other eye make up products that have coarse glitters.

I use my fingertips to apply this on my skin but before everything else I always sanitize my hands with alcohol to prevent unwanted bacteria, oil etc. from infiltrating my precious Jill Stuart. 
It's fun dabbing my fingertip on the eye jelly because it wobbles like the jelly we usually eat, haha! I feel like a kid. 

It also feels cool on my fingertips, I'm not sure if you all experience the cooling sensation but I do.

Jill Stuart Eye Jelly in Midnight Shine swatch

When the light hits the eye jelly it looks like a beautiful metallic blue hue but if you'll look at the darker area of the swatch the color transforms into a darker hue that is almost black. 

Purrrty right?