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Monday, March 29, 2010

Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden as Lip Concealer? See How it Looks!

Home sweet home! I'm back from Taiwan and I'm loving the sizzling Philippine heat again! 
Taiwan's weather was cold; the lowest was around 13 degrees Celcius with strong winds and rain (the day we left) but I made it due to my handy dandy and thin Uniqlo fleece jacket; it does wonders- it's light and thinner than the average jacket but the cold wind would not seep through so you don't have to wrap yourself in thick feather stuffed coats; it reminds me the much sought after cashmere clothings but it's the cheaper version, but hey, whatever works should do fine. However, I still did try lugging thick feather stuffed coats with faux fur trimmings just to get  the experience because we don't have harsh cold weather in the Philippines.

Anyway, let's get back to the real deal.
Have you though about using Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden as a lip concealer or neutralizer?
I tried doing an experiment to see if this is possible, sometimes I think UDPP in Eden can also be used as a concealer for those skin tones that can match the yellow-ness of this primer.

I figured out why not try to use this as a lip concealer and primer at the same time?
UDPP in Eden is creamy enough to spread around my lip area.

Let's see the results of my lil experiment:
Here's how my lips look bare, I just dabbed a bit of Carmex lip balm on the center to prevent drying since I have ridiculously dry lips.

Here's how my lips look with Urban Decay Primer Potion in Eden

It's a pretty cool lip concealer right? It hid my lip pigmentation drastically! It creates a good clean canvass. It also saves me some moolah from buying a separate lip concealer too!
Once dry, it will feel tacky on the lips, it reminds me of MAC's prep+prime lip primer.
Because it is tacky, t's quite hard to distribute lipstick color if you apply the lipstick tube directly to your lips but with the aid of a lip brush the color would spread out easily. 

I don't suggest applying lip balm on top because once you start applying your lipstick the beige color will mix with your lipstick pigment and it will change your lipstick color. 
I suggest applying lip balm underneath UDPP in Eden ^.^


  1. I didn't know that it can be used for lips too.

  2. Ooh, very interesting! Thanks for the tip, haha. I've also tried using Artistry's stick face concealer on my lips, and that worked too. :D

  3. isnt it too expensive to be used on the lips though? :)
    what's the diff between eden and the regular udpp by the way? i have the regular one only..

  4. @Lavender Haha! Yeah it's not supposedly prescribed to be used for the lips but if it works, it works =p

    @Lizz Ooh that's a good trick too! It saves us money from buying another product too!

  5. @Maki nope for me it's not expensive because I can barely finish a bottle of UDPP, I have UDPP in Original since August and still the bottle feels heavy when I'm comparing it with my new Eden... It actually saves my UDPP because I get to use a huge chunk of my UDPP before it expires... =)

    Eden is heavier in color and it acts as a good neutralizer while Original appears more transparent... check my swatch on Eden here: