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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Jill Stuart Haul Came Today!

Yipee! I'm very very tired and stressed out these past few days but when these babies came today I got a jolt of energy again.

Here it is with their boxes

I will be doing reviews on each one of these perhaps after graduation tomorrow? 
What I can say now is that I'm satisfied with the quality and the packaging. All are sturdy and it doesn't feel cheap at all.
I'm now becoming a glitter eyeshadow convert! The Jill Stuart eye shadow palettes' glitters don't fall off or transfer anywhere, they just stay put. Amazing! It does look like jewel sparkling on my eyelids which is absolutely beautiful.
I also love the sweet scent, it's not too overpowering for me and it makes me relax a bit...

Later! =p


  1. omg! lovely haul :)
    it's surprising to hear that you don't find glitter fallout issues with their palettes! I had this issue with two of them :X that's all I'm getting from them when it comes to eyeshadow palettes. Hope you will enjoy your stuff, and yes, please do reviews!

  2. thanks Jennifer!! ^.^ this is the loveliest haul I've ever made... I think =p it costs a lot of money though haha

    really? =( sad to hear that... I use Urban Decay Primer Potion before applying the eyeshadow, I think it would help ^.^

  3. Chelle, the packaging is so elegant and chic! And really looks expensive. :P

  4. Yup yup, it's eye candy! ^.^ and it is quite expensive but not as expensive as other high end brands which is a great steal for me...

  5. Ohhhhhh it looks so fanciful! It almost makes you not want to use it.... almost.

  6. Great haul. shall wait for your review

  7. @inkxaviary it really looks so fancy! a word of advice to make up lovers who love great quality make up with great packaging to boot, JS is one of the best =)

    @Lavender I'll work up on the reviews soon! ^.^ I'm pretty excited to write reviews for JS babies...

    And im hauling another batch of JS! Eep! must... earn... money... haha

  8. oh oh oh JS!!!
    I can't wait until you review them!!!
    SOOO cool!!!!
    Which JS palette is that? hahah
    I really want to know!

  9. hi Popcorn! =) the JS palette is the latest one! Jewel Crystal eyes in Princess Sapphire. i love the colors which are not quite dupeable in my opinion...

  10. Hi Chelle, your Jill Stuart haul is finally here! Malapit na din si Alice natin, glad to know it's sold out.I'm going to Singapore on March 8, their Sephora already has Urban Decay so I will check that out. Sana madala ko si Alice sa Singapore, haha, but no pressure. I know these boxes get super delayed:)just wishful thinking.Dinna