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Monday, February 1, 2010

Beauty Bar Finds

 I didn't really go to Beauty Bar but DLSU's Job Expo has Store Specialist
Of course the beauty addict in me went to submit my resume there =p

They gave me this booklet, I collect these things! It's December 2009 issue but what the heck! I just love looking at the beauty products

I didn't know there's a cheek tint in Prestige! The packaging looks so cute too and it costs Php375!

Recently I've been reading Styli Style eye liners in other beauty blogs so this caught my eye
it's not eyeliners but brow liners and it costs Php595
Hmmm...  I think I read in some blogs Styli-Style eye liners are cheap!

Another Styli-Style Cool lash mascara for Php600

I better go to Beauty Bar and check these new babies up!

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  1. Hi Chelle,

    I already replied on your email :)