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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What's Inside Vivi Magazine February 2010

Now I'm getting sick saying 'I got this from Hong Kong', nah just kidding =p
It's such a great opportunity to grab Japanese magazines while staying in Hong Kong ^.^
I can't find a bookstore or magazine place selling Japanese magazines here in the Philippines
The bad news is that I'm starting to get hooked browsing through Japanese magazines

I grabbed Vivi Magazine from a magazine stand at the streets just a few walking distance away from the hotel I've stayed in. I got this for HK$68

Can you see the black and white pattern? I've watched a Japanese TV channel before and it features this.
I saw some Japanese people demonstrating how to use this; most of their phones carry special features when you point your phone camera to this pattern and snap it up, it would enable you to download product information and it could also reroute you to brand product websites.

I saw one demonstration wherein a young girl goes in a phone store and asks for a copy of phone features, the SA hands her a small card and she snaps the code up and viola! The information is automatically saved on her phone.

I'm not sure which phones can do this, I think DOCOMO does... ^.^ Wouldn't it be cool when we're gonna have the same technology? It could save so much trees! Most of the time after reading a pamphlet or leaflet we'd just throw it away.

The magazine features Ayumi Hamasaki, their Cover Queen
Here in this shot you'll see pages showing us her music video in the making

A lot of fashion spreads
I have grown fond of looking Japanese Magazine because it suggests to you how to dress up on the streets on your normal day.

Shoes galore!

Cover ups, anyone?
Love the girly jacket on the left, reminds me of sweet sweet Jill Stuart ^.^

This is what I've been looking for!
Ever wonder how almost every Japanese woman seems like a pro doing their own make up?
Tadah! Vivi teaches you how to do your own eye make up, putting on blush and lip color.
What I like here is that they do it step by step; it's very detailed.

More eye make up and how to put falsies on

Most of the make up brands featured are also Japanese brand which is great because they support their own.

I love her hair cut especially on the left side.

More make up, I can't read Katakana or Hiragana, I can read a bit of Kanji because it is Chinese but I have heard Japanese have different interpretations for various Chinese characters so it might not be accurate. Like for us the Chinese character for soup means hot bath house for the Japanese.

Aw... I wish I could understand what they're saying about the products!

I'm not sure why they have black and white spreads but they do!

Tip on reading Japanese magazines: 
Like any regular Chinese books, Japanese magazines' spine are on the right side
Open the magazine from the left side
Read or browse from right to left,
If it's heavy on texts (like the lower part of this page), read from right to left (direction of reading), up to down (reading sentences)
I hope the directions are clear =p

Along with Vivi Magazine comes this small diet book

I quickly checked on this page
So just like what I said on reading Japanese magazines, when you're looking at the photos or the dance moves, the first step to be done is the one on the upper right side going to the left

I just love this fab picture! ^.^ I guess you know why, it's so quirky! =p

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  1. Hi would you happen to know if any diet pills are advertised in the Japanese Magazines that you own? I'm trying to find a good one for myself.