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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kai Beauty Care Mascara Guard Review

I have been itching to use my newly acquired mascara guard but for some reason when I'm doing my make-up I tend to forget =p
Luckily I forget to use it so I could snap up some photos in it's mint condition!

I bought this in Sasa Hong Kong for HK$29, it's the most expensive mascara guard I've seen in Sasa.
Here in Etude House Philippines I think their mascara guard retails for just less than P100
However of all the mascara guards I have seen, Kai Beauty Care has the better- or the best ergonomically designed mascara guard.

As you can see on the picture there are some instructions on how to use the mascara guard so this might be helpful if we can't read Kanji, Hiragana or Katakana.

Unlike most mascara guards that looks like the calling card where there's just a simple curve so your eyelashes would fit in and the surface is usually flat, the tendency is that you'll end up pressing down your eyeballs and sometime it hurts. I've tried using the calling card mascara and it was great at first because it really delivers but after a while I was getting frustrated with pushing the card down and hurting my eyeballs. I usually can't see well when pressing my eyeballs down so sometimes mascara application goes awry.

But when I tried Kai Beauty Care Mascara Guard, I must say I understood why it's one of the more expensive mascara guards out there. It is curved so it could comfortably fit in your eyeball shape and other contours of the eye area.

Woah! It looks scary but it looks scarier when you're using the flat calling card to pull the eyelashes up.
This mascara guard is a gentler on the eyes. The clear plastic also helps you check out if you're missing out on some eye lash that went beneath the mascara guard.

The mascara guard fits 90% of my eye shape, I can't reach the inner corners of my eyes but the same problem goes to my Shiseido eye lash curler.

You use the upper part of the mascara guard for your lower lash are. Recently I have been trying to coat my lower lash line with mascara and it does make your eyes more defined and yet it looks so natural.
If you're scared of putting eye liner on your lower lash line, coating your lower eye lashes might be the thing for you.

The mascara guard fits also 90% of my lower lash area contour and I just have to adjust the mascara guard when coating the outer corner of my eyes.

What matters most for me regarding this product is that it doesn't hurt my eyes or my eyeballs, it just gently lifts your lashes effectively without pressing your eyeballs down.

I don't use the mini toothed handle of the mascara guard because I opt to use a clean spoolie but if you're travelling and you don't want to lug a lot around then you can also use the mini comb provided.

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