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Monday, January 25, 2010

Tear Drop Eye Make-Up Tutorial

Now I'm starting a lemming for a glitter eyeliner so I could recreate the teary eyed look. Teary eyed look is quite famous among Japanese women and lucky for me, Vivi February 2010 has a tutorial on how to do the teary eyed look.

I'm smelling a trip to Etude House to get the Teardrop Liner, but I think they are still out of stock =( Sad...

Here's a closer look to the teary eyed look

It looks so pretty and wearable. At first I thought glitter liners would be a glitter bomb but they did something different in the application so it would look neat.

Here is the beautiful model sans make-up. She looks pretty on her own.

Here are the products used, of course we could recreate this look using other brands as long as the quality is good.

The steps are labeled #1 and #2 starting from the right going to the left
You can enlarge the photo by clicking on it too.

This step is actually great for a natural neutral look.

Instead of using the normal eye liner bristle included in your liquid eye liner, use a clean wooden applicator
click to enlarge and see for yourself =p
The purpose of using a wooden applicator is great because bristles would absorb most the liquid glitter liner while wooden applicator wouldn't. This would effectively deposit glitter liner on your peepers.

Check out the direction on how to sparingly apply glitter liner; instead of swiping the glitter liner on your lower lash line, you apply it separately to give the illusion of tear drops.

Continue doing this and viola! You're done

Note: I don't know how to read Japanese so all the comments I've made are based on my comprehension =p


  1. Omg I want glitter eyeliner now. It's so gorgeous!

  2. @Lizz yup yup, this is so pretty! ^.^ I've never thought of wearing glitter on my lower eye lash but this looks so pretty and wearable...