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Monday, January 25, 2010

Maquillage Lover and Alice is on Manila Standard Today! ^.^

Oh wow! Today was a pretty busy day for me but it's quite fulfilling. I went to De La Salle University to get my transcript. I should have claimed it last Friday but I was busy anticipating Sephora's phone order for Urban Decay's Alice in Wonderland and every minute counts especially that I'm not familiar with the Pacific Time. Thank God the stressful time waiting and anticipation ended because we are Sephora's first caller for that day! ^.^ Woot! Woot! We were so early that they didn't even put up Alice in Wonderland yet haha! But we talked to operator and they got us a handful of sets. So I started waiting for my transcript since 12 noon and I got it around 4 pm already but I'm not complaining. I used the time to walk around campus feeling nostalgic seeing the younger batches enjoying their stay in school.

When I went home today but I got off the jeep before my street so I could check up on Western Union's remittance service so I could send the money to my cousin in the US. Say thanks to her staying up till dawn 6am Pacific time (8am in Chicago time) just to get hold of Sephora's phone order! ^.^

After that I walked home. It was quite a long walk home but it's alright. I felt good today for some reason I don't know why. It is quite a sunny day but the wind was cool and crisp.

I got home and opened my internet to find out that my cousin left me a message saying I was mentioned in "Finding Alice" which is an article written by Ms. Dinna Vasquez on Manila Standard Today. Oh wow! ^.^ That really made my day!

I'd like to thank Ms. Dinna for mentioning my blog Maquillage Lover on print media; this is a pleasant surprise =) My cousin sent me a fax copy of the article and I'm keeping it! I really appreciate this because I've been doing online publishing for several months now plus years of fulfilling school requirements on journalism, print media layout, online publishing layout etc and it entails a lot of hard work. It feels new and good that I'm the one in the article now.

I'm still tracking when the issue was circulated because I feel like I've been living under a rock these past few tiring days tracking down slippery Alice, but it's all worth it =)  I hope USPS man would arrive soon! I'm very curious for the actual photos! And I'm still tempted to get one set, hihi ^.^

Okay, let's join Ms. Dinna's contest!
How far would you go to get a beauty product? Tell us your story and you could receive a goody bag consisting of skincare products from Avon and Flawless makeup from Revlon and Met Tathione capsules. Email your story to and she will choose the reader who gives the best answer to the winner. The giveaway is worth over Php5,000!

We've all done our part doing crazy things just to get a nice feeling of satisfaction getting that limited edition make-up. Yeah... I know the feeling too well... Haha! I'm crazy but I know most of us are crazy when we want to get something we really really really like.


  1. ooooh! your cousin is tutor shirley pala. she contacted me regarding this make-up box but i'm not really much of a make-up user so i did not have one reserve. :) it's very pretty though.

  2. Hi Lloyda! Oh nagtututor din pala si atsi Shirley before =p she left the Philippines when I was around 5y/o so I didn't have much of an idea haha, it's okay ^.^ a lot are inquiring about it naman and yeah when I saw the real photos sabi ko bibilhin ko na yung isa, haha! =p