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Monday, January 11, 2010

My First Jill Stuart Order, Finalized! ^.^

Okay! So I've made up my mind despite the devil and angel in me battling on whether to buy or not to buy, what to get and what not to get

Recently I talked to Airvony and told her my final list of orders (first Jill Stuart order, yipee!)

1. Jewel Crystal Eyes from the Spring 2010 collection

I'm getting one in Princess Sapphire

2. Day Care Essence

This belongs to the skincare family but as I read on Jennifer's blog this baby gets good reviews so I might as well try it

3. Moist Silk Liquid Foundation

One of the reasons why I'm buying this instead of Shu Uemura is that I always remember Shu Uemura Philippines' policy of not giving away samples (even one tiny bit of pump) for customers to take home and try on normals days.

Anyway I'm quite giddy giddy with Moist Silk Liquid Foundation too! I heard it was sold out in Taiwan before so it must be something!

I'm not done yet with my Jill Stuart buys! I have a whole list of stuffs but that could follow when I get a stable income ^.^ Right? Must hold on tight to my money honey...


  1. Gorgeous! I love the packaging on Jewel Crystal Eyes. SO lovely.

  2. lovely haul :D!!!
    the day care essence is moisturizing enough for winter and it has a slight pink tone so it can brighten up your face too, plus it has high spf :) this is a good buy lol! i'm using it in Denmark now <3 hope you're gonna enjoy the goodies when they arrive! and keep us updated how the foundation goes on you!

  3. @Lizz I'll post the actual photo when it's here ^.^ (I'll pay for it first tomorrow though haha)

    @Jennifer Thanks for the heads up on the day care essence! ^.^ Take care over there in Denmark! I'll post a review on the foundie too =p