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Monday, January 11, 2010

Mac Eye Shadow in Goldmine Review and Swatch

Eye shadow Time! Today I'm going to review MAC Eyeshadow in Goldmine

I know this is a permanent eyeshadow for almost all countries but *sighs* it's just a limited edition here in the Philippines, but I still got it! I almost didn't actually.

When I was at the Elements Mall in Hong Kong, I initially bought MAC brushes in 188, 224 and a brush cleaner only. Then I went to H&M to check out their clothes, a few minutes later I can't seem to get my mind off MAC (ha! I'm such an addict), then I suddenly remember: GOLDMINE!

I quickly rushed back to MAC which isn't far far away from H&M and hunted for Goldmine, I kept on picking up other gold eye shadows and I was getting discouraged already. I picked up the last piece of gold eyeshadow on their counter and bingo! It is Goldmine!

The SA and I had a little chat; she said maybe it's just different based on various locations. True. I guess. I love the SA! It was already 10pm and they were closing already but she offered to test the eye shadow on me so I could see if it looks good first before purchasing but I declined so they could pack up already and get some rest- and I was off to H&M again hihi ^.^

I got this for HK$130, approximately Php780.00
Locally MAC eye shadows cost you Php870.00

A close up of the eye shadow

MAC Goldmine swatch under florescent light

I used a flat eyeshadow brush to pack on the color on the swatches below

  • Consistency is very soft and smooth; no chunky glitters that would irritate your eyes (I hate chunky glitters)
  • Pigmentation is quite sheer actually but it's good so you can slowly build the color
  • Lasts the whole day too! Doesn't oxidize on me so the color remains true

MAC Goldmine swatch under yellow light

This is my favorite my lids but better eye shadow; I know a lot prefer Stila's Kitten but champagne colors look very washed out on me making my lids look so fleshy. Goldmine brightens up my eyes in a good way; it's not overpowering but it gives my peepers a certain 'glow', perhaps the reason why gold looks good on me is because as a Chinese I have yellow undertones and most Caucasians love champagne colors because it compliments their pinkish undertones. Am I making sense? Haha =p

There, I hope this is helpful and if you're looking for Goldmine there are plenty of those in our neighboring country Hong Kong, so if you know someone going to Hong Kong just tell her or him to kindly drop by MAC for you and get Goldmine for a cheaper price ^.^


  1. Oh man, I am addicted to gold eye shadows. You just give me another reason to spend my money!

  2. Haha! ^.^ Hope the review helped! It's a pretty gold eyeshadow, it doesn't look like the flashy 24k gold to me but it looks so beautiful for an everyday look =)