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Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Emperor's New Clothes- Doggie Version!

This is so cute I just have to post this ^.^
This is Brownie my 1 and a half year old Mini Pincher baby doogie

We got him some new clothes with fleece lining from Hong Kong so when he's sleeping in his own basket or sleeping on my bed he's got something to warm him up
You see, Brownie always freezes to death even if it's not that cold;
he's just too tiny and payatot to endure cooler temperature haha!

There he is waking up with his big beady eyes half open...
I love his Chinese Emperor outfit to bits!

He's got some other outfits like Soldier uniform and Batman costume but his favorite would be his sleeveless outfits, it doesn't warm him up that much but he loves his sandos...


  1. your doggie is on your bed no? haha. my beagle likes sleeping in my bed too! and he also loves to lie his head on my pillow too. haha :)

  2. thanks girls! ^.^ Sometimes I just wanna dress him up like that all day long but it's too hot for Philippine weather...

    yup yup he's on my bed haha, our dogs have identity crisis! I think they learn putting their heads on our pillows from us! =p Even my cousin's german shepherd does that on their couch haha

  3. Xoxo~ The outfit of puppy looks cute :P

  4. Thanks Anastacia! ^.^ I was looking for a red one because it goes well with his brown fur but there wasn't anything available, just a red empress outfit but Brownie's a boy =p