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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Boots Haul from Hong Kong

When I think of Hong Kong, I think of fashionable boots!
I was lucky enough to go to Hong Kong on a cold weather so there would be boots everywhere
But if you go to malls you would end up buying HK$700-1000 per pair! =p

Now I don't really splurge on foot wear, as long as the material is durable I'll take it even if there are no brands attached to it.

I got my cheap boots at Granville Road in Tsim Sha Tsui, just look for The Mira Hotel and it's the street parallel to that. I think there will be more boots in Mongkok but if you're in Tsim Sha Tsui side the choices are endless.

*There's a Skinfood in Granville Road too! The prices are cheaper ^.^*

Here are my babies adding to my boots collection:

I got this for HK$199 (approx. Php1100+)

HK$250 (approx Php1500)
Whew! And to think I was willing to spend a couple of thousand bucks in Zara =p

sideview look of my brown faux leather boots
It's got the crochet detail I love plus some buckles

What makes this a good buy is that the material is not glued but instead sown together if you'll pay a closer look at the sewn part

The rubber is extra hard and non slip. Definitely a great bargain for great quality boots.
The insides are made of light cloth with floral design so it wouldn't be so warm- trust me, my feet feel warmer and uncomfortable when wearing rubber shoes.

side view look of my grey suede boots
It's very comfortable as the Hong Kong SA told me; she also has one of this =p

I can't believe I walked along Tsim Sha Tsui and Austin Road (all the way to the Elements Mall (it's nearing Airport Express Kowloon Station) wearing this one! To top it off it was raining!

The rubber sole was just a bit worn off and of course my legs were killing me but I'm impressed of the sturdiness. After that we went home via taxi and it cost us HK$25 when the flat rate is HK$18; you're gonna get the distance we've walked.

This is my first pair of boots and I think it's ready to rest in peace *sob!* It's so comfortable and easy to wear
Sadly it bore a hole because I constantly wear this throughout the year...
It also has the crochet detail I love =p


  1. wow! thats a nice boots. looks wearable here in the P.I. too =)

  2. yup yup, it's not so hot wearing these boots, I tried wearing the brown one today in Trinoma ^.^ i just got those uncomfortable stares from people na susundan ka talaga ng tingin though I saw a couple of ladies wearing boots din =p

  3. yup yup it's not hot or uncomfy to wear =) tried wearing the brown one today in Trinoma and it's very comfy, what's uncomfortable are the people's stares =p yung susundan ka talaga ng tingin haha

    I just have to give it some time for people to warm up with the thought of boots because it's quite uncommon to wear boots here...