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Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Mira Hotel Review Part 1

Woot woot! Maquillage Lover first started doing make up reviews, then we had a bit of food reviews and now we're doing hotel reviews!

Hopefully we'll be doing more hotel reviews when I get the opportunity to travel again, but for now let's all take in Mira Hotel in Hong Kong ^.^

For Part 1 I'll post how the hotel looks like at night time, it's very very pretty, very Anna Sui hihi!
The Mira looks most beautiful at night.
I'll post how the hotel looks like at day time because it looks quite different during day time but pretty nonetheless.

The Mira is located in Nathan Road corner Kimberly Road in Tsim Sha Tsui
For more information you can check The Mira's website.

First on our 'tour' is the outsides of Mira Hotel!
It's pretty late at night in Hong Kong but the sky is quite bright in my opinion, it's always like that whenever I visit Hong Kong and I can't see the stars =( Aw... But that's okay, here in the Philippines the sky is pretty dark so we could see the stars faintly twinkling despite the thick air pollution.
The Mira is not so tall but it just looks tall on the photo =p

Let's take a closer look at the cute Christmas decorations The Mira has put out, I love the motif
There's a lot more of these reindeer inside the hotel.

This is the view when you go inside the hotel, the post changes color!
The ceilings is black which creates a sophisticated mood.

When the friendly hotel staff opens the door for you, look at the contemporary wavy design at the lobby and let it all sink in
Then, don't forget to look up! You'll see this pretty awesome ceiling.

The staffs are very friendly and they can speak good English so communication wouldn't be such a bother for travelers. But of course if you can speak the local language or basic Mandarin it would help a lot and we could avoid misunderstandings.

Good for us and the staffs my father can speak Cantonese so talking to them is a breeze!
Most of the staffs are smiling and they will greet you even when they see you simply walking down the hallway; this is a great improvement for the Hong Kong tourism industry.

See the wavy walls? Awesome! It looks so pretty angled this way,
Just don't look at it when you're directly in front of the wall...

The Mira's bar, I don't drink so I didn't bother going in but I love their interior design as well.
See the sheer thing that looks like a blanket? It's made out of steel rings.

I am seated in their lounge area where guests can take a time off from walking and shopping.
They change their centerpiece once in a while, now they've placed lit floating candles inside fishbowls of various sizes.

This is it for now, the next post will be The Mira's day time look.
Now, it looks so Anna Sui right? ^.^
Oh I forgot to include, there IS an Anna Sui boutique just across The Mira, it's located inside The Miramar Shopping Center


  1. Yup it's one of the nicest and unique hotel I've been to ^.^

  2. Thanks for such a nice review of your stay Maquillage Lover! We enjoyed it so much we've posted a link to it on our Facebook Fan Page at and our Twitter page at!

    Hope we get to see you again at The Mira!

  3. @The Mira Hong Kong thank you very much for acknowledging my review and posting it on your Facebook and Twitter page! =) I'm looking forward for another enjoyable stay at The Mira when I visit Hong Kong again...