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Friday, January 15, 2010

Elena Cracking Nail Polish

Today turned out to be quite a great day ^.^ I went to Trinoma to go graduation dress shopping with my good friend and I found the quirkiest thing in Landmark's Health and Beauty section.

Elena Cracking Nail Polish!
At first I thought this is a China brand this there are Chinese characters written on the pamphlet given to me but my friend who's better in Chinese than me *hihi* told me it's a Taiwan brand since the Chinese character variation written is in Taiwanese style.

I love the crack nail polish! It's so unique.
A 10ml bottle of Elena Crack Nail Polish would cost you Php199.75 (approx.)

The nice SA gave me some leaflets to take home and show my mother because she's the nail polish addict. She even coated this swatch with a clear nail polish so it would look better when my mother sees this. I love the nice SA ^.^

When I got home I showed mama my nail polish and she asked me why didn't I buy one, I said it costs Php199. Haha! She laughed and said "Kaya pala" (That's why) Mama wants to try it out herself so we're getting some when we go back Trinoma! Yipee! We always go to Trinoma almost every weekend.

Some photos printed on the pamphlet

Here are the color variations for the crack nail polish
There's violet, green, white, black and red
I personally like the black, violet and red!

There are shimmery colors too

But really, there's a lot to choose from

What I like about Elena:
I have 3 coats of Elena Nail Polish on my pinky finger but my nail can still breathe
I have the white as the base coat, the violet crack nail polish and a clear nail polish on top. By now I should be itching to remove the nail polish but I feel okay with this brand.
I usually hate nail polish because my nails need air, I can't explain why but I'm weird so yes I do feel my nails 'suffocating' haha

What you need to know about the crack nail polish:

  • You need a base coat of color before adding the crack nail polish
  • Base coats can be Elena, other brands such as Orly and Caronia according to the SA who really did her research
  • Crack nail polish can't be used as a base coat (we tried that one but it just appeared as a regular nail polish) 
  • Cracking nail polish is not new in the Philippines, it is used in salons but they don't sell the whole bottle.
  • Well, now it's for sale ^.^ 

Ah... I think this is the first time I'm lemming for a nail polish ^.^  Trino


  1. it's very pretty! ^.^ instant nail art!

  2. OMG ive never heard of such a thing! ang mahal nga lang pero nice ha!

  3. yup it's very nice ^.^ sa Trinoma ko lang siya nakita, may sarili siyang booth doon

  4. hi where is the booth located exactly? thanks =>

  5. hi Precious! Elena nail booth is located at Landmark in Trinoma, ground floor along with the health and beauty section just beside the escalator going up to Landmark's 2nd floor =)

  6. hi i live in australia do you know how i can purchase this product

  7. hi! =) I'm sorry I don't know where you could purchase this in Australia though =(

  8. cool.. i also have crack polish but its different brand and It was bought in US.. ask ko lang.. are this polish is too hard to remove or madaling matanggal may nabili kz ako locally in Multi hindi maganda ung formula...habang natutuyo ung polish natatangal ung polish...

  9. I lurve cracking nailpolish! ^.^ anong brand yung nabili mo sa US? Elena lasts on me around 2-3 days, minsan four days, I do the household chores like washing the dishes so I think it stays on long ^.^

  10. Thanks for writing about our product. And sorry na rin kasi ngayon lang namin ilalagay through online, tinatapos ko kasi ung site e nde ko napansin na pwede naman pala kahit blog blog lang muna.... Thanks again..

  11. ilovethiss(ll)