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Friday, January 15, 2010

The Mira Hotel Review Part 2

In every travel, hotel plays an important role to make our experience more memorable, I believe.
Here are more photos I snapped with my camera phone during day time.

It's pretty dark inside so sometimes it feels like night time unless you turn around and see the faint day light seeping through the tinted glass.
The entrance seems canted, right?

Can I take home the reindeer? ^.^ Just kidding...

See? The color changed, last night it was purple.
The photo seems canted, I'm standing near the entrance and if you'll stand where I was standing you'll notice that their floor is also canted.

Luggage counter where you can ask the hotel staff to take care of your luggage while waiting for your check in time.

Why do they get these things? I love 'em!

This purple reindeer who seems to love accessories is located beside the check in counter

Another thing I wish I could take home with me: this giant lamp in the hotel cafe, Coco is the name if my memory serves me right

The entrance to the hotel restaurant, I haven't eaten in here we're eating local Hong Kong food everyday

I have another post on The Mira featuring the bedroom and the bathroom which was a big surprise for me.


  1. chelle! hello sis!

    artdeco lip base - from 700plus down to 232 pes na lang. bumili ako mga eyeshadows bukod sa lip base... ang saya 162 lang per shadow!

  2. thanks sa info Jing!!! ^.^ I appreciate it nagdrop by ka pa sa blog ko hehe =p nakakatempt naman bumili ng eyeshadow nila...