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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mini Clothes, Bag and Gloves Haul from Hong Kong

Today's post will be about the clothes haul I got from Hong Kong
Compared to my beauty products haul I only picked a few items from the clothing section because almost all of the clothes on the racks are lined with fur and thick jackets that reminds me of the Michelin Man
Of course there are the luxe cashmere clothes that would keep you warm without the bulk, as much as I wanted to own my own cashmere too I don't find any good use for it

H&M was on sale and clothes are pretty cheap for the good quality so I went crazy there!
Zara Hong Kong is more expensive than Zara Philippines so I opted to spend my money on H&M
When will H&M open in the Philippines? Please come to our shores! ^.^

H&M Business Casual polo on sale for HK$199
This polo's material is made of stretchy fabric! One thing why I don't like business casual clothes is because of the materials usually used, most of the time it is uncomfortable and you can't seem to move freely. Not this one! It's stretchy and it hugs my figure perfectly. The sleeves are lined with stiff fabric so the shape would remain the same. Great!

I love wearing these kinds of polo, I bought just in April 2009 and that time it was priced at HK$149
Since then I have been wearing that H&M polo almost every week! I don't care if I repeat my clothes almost every week, it's very hard not to when the polo is very comfortable and it keeps you cool on hot days

Now this is priced at HK$99 (around PHP585)

Also HK$99
I love this one's color combination, reminds me of Jill Stuart's Jewel Crystal Eyes collection

Purple Fleece Jacket from Uniqlo for HK$99, it's on sale and the original price is HK$149
The fleece cloth is exceptionally soft and retains heat as well. I got this when I got the chance
Uniqlo just in front of our hotel, The Mira Hotel
You can locate Uniqlo in Miramar Shopping Center, the clothes are pretty cheap
Tip: if you want something there, go get it because tomorrow it's gonna be gone
it's true! On January 1 we browsed through Uniqlo and my brother bought a jacket
the next day we came back all the stocks for the jacket are gone!
This purple jacket wasn't released until January 2 when almost all of the other colors are out of stock

H&M crochet gloves for HK$59.90 (not on sale)
I first picked up a plain black gloves that's on sale HK$20 for 2 pairs
When I saw this I immediately dropped the plain black gloves and got this instead even if it's more expensive
The gloves are so soft and it would keep you warm in Hong Kong winter weather
I'm not sure where I could use this here in the Philippines but I couldn't resist the pretty gloves ^.^ Baguio perhaps?

H&M black bag with studs detail for HK$179 (not on sale)
At first I don't like the bag; it doesn't look appealing inside the H&M store because the bag is piled along with other bags so it looks so common and simple
But when you buy it and take it out of the store you'll get to appreciate how pretty it is
The handle is not stiff, it's actually soft and padded. Even if the bag is heavy it doesn't cause a lot of pain on my shoulders.


  1. I saw a H&M store, at our Robinsons Galeria. You might want to check that one out. ;)

  2. Really? Thanks for the info! I'm gonna research more about that ^.^ I didn't hear the news that H&M opened already, haha!

  3. thanks Jing! ^.^ Ooh sometimes I wish our weather would be cooler so I could wear this...

  4. i love uniqlo fleece jackets! i bought a purple polka dot one for singapore dollar 19.90